A Third Grader Outsmarted Us… And We Love It! Our Unicorn Is Technically a Pegacorn

As most of you know, we launched some really cool wearable skins (racer and unicorn) last year. These skins are not just for looks. They protect your Evo while you are out-and-about and come with cool new tricks (made with code!) to unlock via the Evo app. 

We were initially very confident in our final choices for the skin designs. Many kids let us know that “Turbo” is their favorite Color Code, so our Racer skin was an obvious choice. And it’s no secret that kids love unicorns for their magic, beauty, and mystery (rainbows might also have something to do with it).

However, we were not aware that our beloved unicorn skin, is in fact, not a unicorn. 

Recently, an unexpected letter arrived for us at Ozobot HQ. Packaged inside of a bright yellow envelope, was a multi-paged, handwritten statement (with cited sources!) from a third-grader named Nola. 

It reads: 

“Dear Ozobot company,

I have noticed that you have a unicorn Ozobot. I searched it up and it is actually a pegacorn! I love your robots, but you need to name your robots accurately. More people would buy it when you name it properly.

A unicorn has a horn. Just a horn. Uni means having one. Unicorns have one magical thing and that is a horn. According to, “Unicorns are earthbound and do not have wings.” Once again, it is NOT a unicorn Ozobot. 

A pegasus has wings, only wings. They can only fly, that’s their power. This robot is not a pegasus, because it has a horn and wings. A pegasus has only wings. This is clearly not a pegasus. It is something else. 

This Ozobot is a pegacorn! It has a horn and wings which means it’s a pegacorn. states, “A pegacorn is a cross between a unicorn and a pegasus. This cross was created so frequently that they started a new breed, which is now known as the pegacorn.” This robot is a pegacorn because it has a horn and wings. This is why you should rename your unicorn Ozobot to pegacorn. This will be better for your company because more people will be interested.



Well, Nola, we stand corrected. Thank you for your well thought-out letter. We think you will be happy to hear that we are going to include a disclaimer on our unicorn wearable skin product page that states that it is, in fact, a pegacorn.

We also wanted to give a special shout-out to Nola’s teacher, Miss Lehl. It is very apparent in Nola’s letter that she has learned a great deal about writing and research skills. The cited sources and argument she gave us was amazing to read and we tip our hats to you! 

It also warmed all of our hearts to read that playing with Ozobots is what she loves to do! Thank you, Nola!

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