How to Launch a Lesson With Live Lesson Insights

Evo users (with a Classroom Communicator) will be able to use the “Launch Lesson” (with Live Lesson Insights!) feature within Classes.

Before launching your first lesson:

  1. From “Lessons for this Class,” select “View Materials” to see the lesson plan and materials needed.

2. Print the Lesson Plan to have on-hand while the lesson is being run.

To Launch a Lesson (for Color Code lessons):

  1. Plug your Classroom Communicator into your computer or USB power source
  2. Plug your Evos into their charger and plug the charger into the wall.
  3. Select “Launch Lesson” and follow instructions to connect your Classroom Communicator 

 4. The student groups on your screen will each generate a color sequence to match it the front lights of their assigned Evo. Keep Evos in their charger until all of their front lights have changed color to match the assigned group 

5. Have students collect the Evo with lights matching the color sequence next to their group number (you may need to project your screen to your class so they can see their Evo’s color sequence)

6. The lesson timer will begin when students remove their Evo from the charger.

7. Follow the lesson plan according to the PDF instructions and see Live Lesson Insights from Ozobot Classroom as your students complete the activity.

8. The lesson timer will stop when an activity is completed, or you can select “End Lesson” 

9. View the Post-Lesson Summary

10. To turn Evos off after being connected, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds and return Evos to their chargers

11. Disconnect your Classroom Communicator

To Launch a Lesson (for OzoBlockly lessons):

This feature is coming soon!

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