Hungry, Hungry Ozobot: A Father’s Day Activity For Dads & Kids

From a young age, a child’s main priority is to play, and research has shown just how beneficial free play is to a growing brain. Want to attain cool Dad status this Father’s Day? Play catch in your backyard AND learn to code with your kids!

Seriously, what better way to celebrate Father’s Day this year than to play a fun, educational game together? A little bit of competition, a little bit of coding, and a whole lot of father/child bonding. This game is perfect for kids (and grown-ups) ages 6 and up!

You’ll need:


  • Print out a copy of the game playfield and cut-outs page.
  • Cut out the props and cards from the cut-out page (or have your child cut out their own for scissor practice).
  • Fold food props in half.
  • Construct the bot’s mouth by folding the mouth cut-out into thirds and then folding it in half. Tape the mouth to the back of your bot. It should look like the greater than sign (<).
  • Shuffle number cards and place them face-down in a pile.
  • Calibrate your bot.

How to Play:

  1. From the number cards pile, draw two cards and place one on each square on the playfield.
  2. For each card, count out that number of food items for each number and place them within the corresponding circle.
  3. Help your child decide which number is greater. Once you have agreed on a number, place the bot on the correct line and have Ozobot collect the food. Double-click the power button if using Evo.
    *NOTE: If you are using Evo, you have to load this OzoBlockly program to your bot to temporarily turn off it’s proximity sensors while line following. If you skip this step, Evo’s proximity sensors will be blocked by the mouth and Evo won’t move forward.  
  4. Set the collected food aside and repeat steps 1-3 for two or three rounds.
  5. Count how much food was collected.
  6. Play again, as many times as you’d like!

What you’ll learn:

This game is all about numbers. You and your child will identify numbers on the cards, count out the appropriate number of food props, and determine which amount is greater. At the end of the game, they’ll count all the food they’ve collected for their Hungry Hungry Ozobot!

Feel free to make this game your own! You can easily make it a competitive game by taking turns playing to see who collects the most food for their Ozobot.

Educators, find a full-length Hungry, Hungry Ozobot lesson in our Lesson Library.

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