Introducing Our Core Coding Curriculum

Update: At Ozobot, we’ve been working with districts, teachers, and our extended community to understand education’s new challenges with virtual learning, a new in-person classroom experience, and a hybrid of both. The result is our 1:1 Robotics Program, designed for teaching core subjects anywhere without sacrificing STEAM. For a remote-friendly curriculum of lessons for Math, ELA, and more, check out our new Learn Anywhere Lessons.

You asked. Ozobot Classroom answered.

We’re excited to announce our new, no-cost Core Coding Curriculum, available now as part of the Ozobot Classroom STEAM platform we launched at FETC 2020.

The Core Coding Curriculum is made up of fully scoped-and-sequenced lesson tracks for grades K-5. Middle school and high school educators, developmentally-appropriate tracks for your grade levels are coming soon. It consists of nine lessons per grade level track, and covers five fundamental coding concepts: Sequencing, Loops, Advanced Sequences & Loops, Conditional Statements, Functions, and Variables.

The best part? Educators don’t need any previous coding or computer science knowledge to get started with the Core Coding Curriculum, and it’s available to you at no charge! 

Introduce your students to Ozobot and start building their 21st century skills today by creating your free Ozobot Classroom account and getting started with the Core Coding Curriculum.

The Core Coding Curriculum allows you to test out one of Ozobot Classroom’s most revolutionary features: Live Lesson Insights (currently in beta).


Live Lesson Insights

During Core Coding Curriculum lessons, keep an eye on your educator dashboard within Ozobot Classroom to receive live insights into student progress and engagement. You’ll get Live Lesson Insights during your class session, plus a Post-Lesson Summary after the lesson where you can drill down into individual student group records and add comments to aid in formative assessment.

Classroom delivers Live Lesson Insights even for screen-free, STEAM activities including lessons built around Ozobot’s Color Codes. Educators today know that students’ 21st century skills must extend beyond coding and STEM to creativity and critical thinking. But that big picture has been hard to measure–until now. By giving educators insights into student engagement both with and without screens, Ozobot Classroom delivers the full story of STEAM learning. We also hope it will help educators make 21st century skills available to all students, especially those populations traditionally marginalized in STEM like girls and minorities.

Technology Requirements

Getting started with the Core Coding Curriculum is simple. First, create your free Ozobot Classroom account or log in at ozobot.com/classroom. navigate to Lessons and the Lesson Library, then simply select your grade level and click View Series.

You’ll need:

  • Ozobot Evo robots

To experience Live Lesson Insights, you’ll want to launch connected Core Coding Curriculum lessons. For that, you’ll need:

  • Teacher’s device – a Chromebook, Mac computer, or Windows 10 computer with the Chrome browser installed
  • an Ozobot Classroom Communicator, which boosts Bluetooth to all of your Evo robots and captures insights. Don’t have one? Request a free Communicator here ($200 Value).
  • Student devices – Chromebooks

Wider device and system support for Ozobot Classroom is coming soon, and you can always check here for the latest compatibility info. In the meantime, you can still use Ozobot Classroom to download Core Coding Curriculum lesson materials and use them to teach your students without generating Live Lesson Insights.

We’ve Got Standards

Core Coding Curriculum lessons meet many ISTE, CCSS, and CSTA academic standards. You can review individual standards in the specific lesson series for your grade level. While the curriculum teaches fundamental coding concepts, no prior experience teaching computer science is required. We’re with you every step of the way, with lesson materials and Google Slides to support your students’ learning.

K-5 teachers, after-school teachers, and home school teachers can benefit from the Core Coding Curriculum. Lessons can be taught at your own pace, either on consecutive days as a sub-unit or one day a week for nine weeks.

Live Lesson Insights are currently in beta and only available during Core Coding Curriculum lessons, because we want feedback from educators like you on what insights are most beneficial to you and your students. Beta insights include time spent on the lesson, completion rate, specific OzoBlockly blocks and Color Codes used, standards met, and more. If you have specific insights you want to see, be sure to use the Feedback button on the right side of your Ozobot Classroom dashboard, or let us know in the comments below.

Wondering where the Core Coding Curriculum came from? The project was spearheaded by Ozobot’s Education Curriculum Specialist Melissa Toohey, M. Ed. As a former Elementary Coding, Engineering, and Design Thinking Teacher at KIPP Ignite Academy and a featured speaker at SXSW Edu, Melisa is passionate about equity and inclusion in computer science and STEAM education. She is pursuing her doctorate in UCLA’s Educational Leadership program and is also a doting dog mom to Schnitzel and Brezel. Connect with Melissa @tooheytinkers on Twitter!

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