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Our Commitment to Black Students & Teachers: Update 1

When we said we want to take long-term action to fight systemic racism in schools, we meant it. For far too long, black students have been denied the same opportunities as their white peers. Many people (including us!) believe that anti-racism can be addressed in the classroom, and we want to do our part.

Here’s an update on what we’ve done since announcing our commitments:

  • Set up monthly cash donations to Being Black at School
  • Created and shared our donation application for monthly Classroom Kit donations to predominantly black schools, and increased our classroom donation size from 1 Classroom Kit to 2 Classroom Kits (24 Evos!)
  • Committed to making our Educator of the Month BIPOC for the next year to amplify their voices in the education community
  • Hosted a Twitter Chat about Supporting Students with Equitable and Anti-Racist Education
  • Paused our normal social media content to share and amplify BIPOC voices. Even as our normal content resumes, you’ll be seeing much more regular content relating to racism in the classroom

Each one of our commitments are top-of-mind and will remain that way. Please let us know if you have feedback or questions, by reaching out to hello@ozobot.com

With that, we’d like to announce the first recipient of our Classroom Kit donation:

Nicole G.!

Nicole told us, “Equity in education is important to me because I lived it.  My mother taught in Detroit Public Schools for 30 years. My sister and I would often visit her classroom and saw first hand the inequities between her classroom in the city and ours in the suburb of Southfield. Now as a teacher, I see the disparities between neighboring districts… I will do what I can to bring those experiences to my students.”

We are proud to work alongside you, Nicole, to make education more equitable for your students!

*Up to 36 students

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