Our Favorite OzoThings For Every Letter In STEAM

We have renamed the month of September, STEAMtember. Okay, it may not be an official thing, but we wanted to spend this month highlighting some key subjects to teach students future-ready skills! So, while this may be a bit different than our monthly celebration of community creations, we hope that you can still take away some inspiring ideas from the OzoSquad throughout the years. 

S- Science

What better way to explain the water cycle than by dressing your Ozobot up as an incredibly cute water droplet? This colorful Color Codes activity, shared on Instagram, demonstrates a day in the life of a drop of water from precipitation to condensation. 

T- Technology 

S.O.S! Save Our Students! Just kidding, but the S.O.S message IS probably the most widely known morse code in the world. 

Seeing teens utilizing and engaging with Ozobot is always so much fun for us! We loved this tech-inspired post on Twitter from Michael Abramcyzk with his students explaining their morse code project!

E- Engineering

We have seen a lot of really cool lessons involving an engineering aspect, but our favorite ones have to be the array of Ozobot Rollercoasters we have seen! It all started with Adam King’s idea, and blossomed from there. These roller coasters and amusement parks have been made with recycled parts, paper, cardboard, and more!

This particular one shows Evo on a roller coaster built by students using cardboard. Our favorite thing about this video is the drop! Evo must have gotten such a thrill here!

A- Art

Can’t touch this! This video, shared on Twitter by CodeForce, shows multiple Bits having a dance-off to the famous MC Hammer tune. Not only do we love the choreography and music, but turning the lights off, showcasing Bit’s bright LED, makes it even more fun!

M- Math

The possibilities of using Ozobots for math lessons are endless. We have loved seeing ideas from educators involving lessons on arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and more!

This post, shared by Kalo Haslem, shows students measuring out spider-webs! What a fun and engaging way to include Color Codes and Ozobot into geometry!

We are changing up October’s OzoThings to feature our all-time favorite spookiest things shared with us on social media! Be sure to tag us in your Ozobot creations new and old to be featured next month! Just tag us @Ozobot and/or #OzoSquad! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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