Our Favorite OzoThings Shared In August

It’s that time of year again: back to school! Did your summer fly by as quickly as Evo’s did? We hope that every educator out there had a wonderful, well-deserved break! As you prepare your classrooms and lesson plans, check out our favorite OzoThings shared this month

Back To School Activity

We always love to see activities from our Lesson Library being utilized in classrooms all over, but this one was extra special this month as it so nicely ties in with the back-to-school season. Ashley Ramsay on Twitter attended a tech conference where she got a tutorial on this very relevant lesson. 

Coding Before Reading

In case you weren’t aware, OzoBlockly’s first level is for pre-readers! Using images, young kids can start learning coding concepts without needing reading skills. This little one coded Evo entirely within our pre-reader level. Tell your little one that we are proud, Ms. Ranalli!

Hip, Hip, Hooray for Successful Codes!

Teachers never quit. We don’t think there is any other career that involves constant new learnings and implementations and we love how teachers genuinely ENJOY expanding their knowledge. This video of teachers getting excited about a successful Color Code made us so happy! Thank you for sharing, Sherry!

Hungy, Hungry Ozobot

This was a really fun lesson that we put together last year that teaches students about comparing numbers. It involves cute food icons and a student-engineered set of arms for Evo! We loved seeing this game in action when it was shared on Twitter by Steven Payne! 

Hacking Away Dental Disease… With Bit?

It is always very exciting to see completely unique ideas being shared with us on social media. We had no idea that Bit was an expert at hacking away dental disease! Collis Curve set up a table with dental-themed Color Code activities at the Abilities Expo and challenged kids to complete the activity. Way to go, Collis Curve, for making dental health FUN!

Do you have some creative Ozo-content you want to share with us? Go ahead and tag us @ozobot and #ozosquad for a chance to be featured in the next social recap, coming up at the end of September!

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