Our Favorite OzoThings Shared in January

Winter break is over, and although the holiday cheer of the past couple months is long gone, we are excited! You see, when teachers and students aren’t in the classroom, we don’t get to see all the creative things you are doing with Ozobots. As much as we love turkey, family time, and of course, gifts, we like seeing our bots in action even more!

So, we are more than thrilled to show off our favorite OzoThings shared with us on social media this month! 

Art with OzoBlockly

Evo knows how to put the ‘A’ in STEAM with its Color Codes, but strap a marker on its back and just watch what Evo can create with code! 

That is exactly what Nicky Ward did with her third grade students. Using OzoBlockly, her class programmed Evo to create beautiful artwork. Check it out!

FETC Was Swag-tastic! 

We always love being able to meet our #OzoSquad at EdTech conferences around the country. The valuable feedback that we receive from educators is phenomenal, and meeting you all in person brings us so much joy! 

If you are not familiar with our Ozobot dome booth experience, we’d like to let you know that we give out tons of free swag at these events! Wearable skins, capes, stickers, magnets, badges, pins, and t-shirts. So, when we see how much you are enjoying them when you get home, it brings smiles to all of our faces.

Like Jane Harvey and Aimee Clark, sporting their comfy and stylish Ozobot T-Shirts from FETC! 

Want one of these cool tees, but aren’t attending conferences? Submit a lesson to our Lesson Library, and we’ll send you one! It’s easy, just click here.

And Brian Smith’s daughter testing out her sweet new Ozobot cape…

Keep the photos coming with your conference swag! 

Fraction Fun 

Usually, learning fractions and number lines aren’t considered the most engaging of topics. But, what if you brought a dull number line to life with Ozobot and COLOR?! Nikki Jones created a lesson for her third-grade students where Evo follows a number line and celebrates fractions with Color Codes. How cool is this?? 

Drip Drop Ozobot

Second grade teacher, Kirsten High, brought the water cycle to life for her students! They created Ozobot Loops, a fan favorite, and illustrated the stages of the water cycle as their Ozobot moved it. Water you up to?? (We’re punny).

In February, we will feature our next round up of favorite OzoThings, so stay tuned! Be sure to tag us in your Ozobot creations, new and old, to be featured next month! Just tag us @Ozobot and/or #OzoSquad! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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