Our Favorite Pumpkin-Themed OzoThings

Happy October, OzoSquad! It’s that time of year for all things spooky, pumpkin spice flavored everything, and bags of candy in every grocery aisle. Every October, we normally like to spotlight our favorite Halloween-themed OzoThings, but we’re switching it up this year (it is 2020, right?) to ALL THINGS PUMPKIN! 

Pumpkin Party Coaster

There’s no party quite like a pumpkin party, let alone a rollercoaster pumpkin party! These students created a fun track for their Bit to travel through, including some secret tunnel images which we think are incredibly creative (and a tiny bit spooky!) 

Ozobot Pumpkin Patch

Now THIS is a pumpkin patch we’d love to visit! These first and second graders at Salford Hills Elementary created individual pumpkin patches, then put them together to make one big day of pumpkin fun for their Ozobots! Just listen to that laughter and excitement! 


Not all pumpkins need to be named Jack, do they? Evo doesn’t think so, but it also just wants its 15 minutes of fame and we can’t blame it. This Color Code Jack-O-Lantern (Sorry, Evo!) made by first graders at JER Elementary is super cool! 

Ozobot Pumpkin Maze

You’ve heard of corn mazes before, but have you ever wandered through a pumpkin maze?! Angie Wells’ students sure have! They successfully coded their Ozobots to get through this mathematical maze by honing their subtraction skills. Way to go!

From Seed To Squash

How does a pumpkin grow? These kindergarten students at Reidenbaugh Elementary are learning that those delicious seeds aren’t JUST for eating.. What a cute lesson following the life cycle of a pumpkin!

Rolling Pumpkins

It’s always so much fun to see students create loops for their Ozobots to travel in. This SEL, pumpkin-themed one really caught our attention! What a cute and clever idea to bring emotions and Halloween together in one activity.

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