OzoDice Game: How to Play

Roll the dice and develop the coding and critical thinking skills of a master. Your challenge? Use the Color Codes on the dice to navigate your Ozobot from start to finish.

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Setup & Play

Assemble 6 dice (found in anOzobot Bit Starter Pack). You should have 4 Color Code dice and 2 Intersection dice.

Create a playfield with markers on paper. All playfields should have a start and finish.

To play you’ll also need:

  • Ozobot robot
  • white paper
  • markers


Play OzoDice one-on-one, in teams, or alone against the clock.

Here’s how it works:

Team A rolls the 6 dice, while Team B sets a timer. Team A has 5 minutes to draw a track using the 4 color codes and 2 intersections on the dice. The objective is to use codes to get Ozobot to navigate the track from start to finish.

At the end of 5 minutes, Team B judges whether Ozobot completed the track successfully. For each code read by Ozobot, Team A gets 1 point. For completing the entire track, Team A gets 2 points.

Teams switch and Team B rolls the dice. Now, Team B has 5 minutes to draw a track with the codes and intersections on the dice. Team A will judge completion and award points.

The first team to 11 points wins!


If a team rolls a “WILD”, they can pick 1 of the 4 color codes to use in their track. If Ozobot gets stuck or returns to the start, the track has not been successfully completed. If neither team is able to complete a track in 5 minutes, you may increase the allotted time. Teams may use other color codes, in addition to the 4 on their dice, to complete their track.

Make your own rules—Change the allotted time or total points to make OzoDice easier or more challenging. Print more dice to add color codes and increase difficulty. Using markers, create your own playfields with start and finish points.

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