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Unboxing Our New And Improved Classroom Kit

Some big things are brewing over here at Ozobot HQ.. and we are so excited to share them with you! We just can’t keep things a secret over here, so although our awesome new Evo Classroom Kits are not shipping out quite yet, we want to show you everything inside to get you excited, too! 

If you are new to Ozobot and are not yet familiar with classroom kits, let us offer some information about how it is the perfect tool for your school. 

Evo Classroom Kits come with 12 or 18 bots, student handouts, teacher resources, chargers, a storage case, and basically everything you need to bring coding and STEAM to your K-12 students. These handy kits also come with access to our NEW first-of-it’s-kind STEAM Learning Management System, Ozobot Classroom, which is now available for use!

Now that you are familiar with what classroom kits are, let’s talk about what we have changed about them. Trust us, you’re gonna love this. 

The Charging Base

Probably the most exciting change to the Evo Classroom Kits is the new charging cradle. This allows you to charge all of your Evos at once, in an orderly fashion. As cool as our older charging hubs look, they took up a good amount of space and didn’t provide the Evos much protection. Now, all of your Evos will be safe and secured. Plus, doesn’t it look so pretty??

The Storage Bin

All of your Ozobot products can now be stored in an orderly fashion with the new, sleek design of the storage bin. Every little thing has its place, so rustling through your materials is now a thing of the past! 

Classroom Communicator

While all Evo Classroom Kits (vintage and new) come with access to Ozobot Classroom, you’ll automatically receive the Classroom Communicator in new Evo Classroom Kits. (Note: if you have an older Evo Classroom Kit and need to request your FREE Classroom Communicator, click here). 

What is a classroom communicator, you might ask? It is a small device that you can plug into any power source that lets you connect to all of your Evos at once. This is specifically for use in Ozobot Classroom, where you will be able to track real-time information into screen-free and connected activities, update all of your bots firmware at once, and more. 

Stickers & Posters

You asked, we listened. Many educators have reached out to us requesting posters to use in their classrooms, makerspaces, libraries, etc. We are happy to report that we now include a large poster for display in our new Evo Classroom Kits! 

Stickers are also fun to have, right? We are including some cute, Evo/Ozobot themed stickers for you to use anywhere (side note: they look great on cars!) and some small, round stickers that you can use to label each of your bots. This makes it much easier to tell which Evo is which! 

Along with these exciting changes, we have kept some things the same. You will still receive markers, educator resources, access to Ozobot Classroom, and Bot Camp!

Are you as excited about these new changes as we are?! Let us know in the comments! What is your favorite new feature of the Evo Classroom Kit?

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