Evo Experience Pack

Pocket-sized bot. Infinite possibilities.

Code with colors

Hey, proud Evo owner. Your free Experience Pack awaits ($9.99 Value).
In the pack, you’ll explore a language of color codes that let you fully control Evo. Connect to the app and collect stars as you go!

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Ozobot Evo Experience Pack
Download and print the Experience Pack on your own, or have us ship you the real deal. The PDF is fast, but a shipped pack comes with stickers!*

*You can also do both!

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Evo Experience Pack


  • 16-page activity pack
  • Color code stickers
  • Ozobot stickers
  • In-app surprises


Evo uses optical sensors to read OzoCodes--our patented color codes. It’s the only screen-free way to start coding.

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Advance with OzoBlockly to build some serious 21st century skills. Teach Evo new tricks by writing OzoBlockly programs, then share your creations with friends!

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