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Smart is super

Connect Evo with your Action Skin to activate lights, sounds and behaviors that are unique to Iron Man, Captain America or your favorite Marvel's Avenger. Evo-powered Marvel's Avengers will accomplish missions by avoiding obstacles and engaging enemies.

Ozobot Avengers Experience

Download the Ozobot Evo App on your smartphone or tablet to begin guiding the app-enabled Ozobot and complete interactive Stark Academy training missions.


Use markers, paper and color coding to help your Marvel Avenger complete Stark Academy missions.

Then take your training to the next level with OzoBlockly to create your own new missions.

There are so many ways to experience Evo with the Marvel Avengers:

  1. Let your Ozobot act autonomously
  2. Guide it with your smartphone or tablet
  3. Program the Ozobot yourself–master the basics with color codes, then learn block-based programming with OzoBlockly


  • Ozobot Evo App: Marvel's Avenger missions and more (compatible with most iOS and Android devices)
  • OzoBlockly Web Editor: block-based introductory to advanced programming for controlling your Evo-powered Marvel Avenger’s lights, sounds and behaviors


Choose from Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Black Widow and Ultron (or collect them all!)

App-enabled (iOS and Android compatible)

Programmable and RC-Controlled Avenger LEDs, Sounds and Behaviors

New Interactions & Stark Academy Missions

Infrared Proximity Sensing

USB Charging

Ozobot Evo Size: 1.25 inches (approx. 3 inches with Action Skin)