Getting Started

Resources and tips to get your classroom ready for Ozobot.

Educator's Guide

Comprehensive reference for everything a teacher needs to know about using Ozobot in the classroom

Ozobot Tips

Handout explaining how to calibrate, draw with markers and use Color Codes

Color Code Reference

Handout showing all available Color Codes

OzoBlockly Getting Started

Lists all resources needed to program with OzoBlockly.

Calibration Tips

Handout explaining how to calibrate Ozobot on paper and digital screens.

Log Sheet

Teachers can use this sheet to keep track of who is working with an Ozobot.

EVO Guide

Guide to Evo including powering on, charging, loading code, and updates.


OzoBlockly - our visual block-based editor is designed to introduce kids to the basics of coding and advance their skills with the incremental introduction of more advanced programming concepts.


Materials and Supplies

Every Ozobot lesson, workshops and activity lists all materials needed for that specific unit. However, there are a few essential materials needed for almost every unit.


Both Ozobot Evo or Ozobot Bit can be used for many lessons. Lessons indicate if Ozobot Bit or Ozobot Evo is required. We recommend one Ozobot for a group of 2 to at most 4 students.

Markers and Paper

Some of the units require the use of markers and paper. We recommend using Ozobot markers and white stock paper. Alternatively, use markers in colors black, red, light green and light blue.

Tablets and PCs

When OzoBlockly is used, you will need a computer or tablet. Other lessons may require specific apps, which are available for iPads as well as many tablets running Android.

Printed Materials

Many lessons call for some of the exercises and other pages to be printed out for student use. Specific instructions are given at the start of each lesson.

DIY Skins

Some lessons can be enhanced by customizing the Ozobot to become a character. DIY skins can be decorated to transform and customize Ozobot.

Code Stickers

Code Stickers can be used in many cases instead of markers. This allows students to easily adjust their work and saves many sheets of paper. Contact us to inquire about code sticker availability.

Ready to plan your first class with Ozobot? Check out our essential starter lessons in our STEM library.