17 Ozobot Lessons for the 2018 Hour of Code

Editor’s note: for updated lesson links and instructional video activities that account for the new normal of learning during COVID-19, head to the 2020 edition of our Ozobot Hour of Code Activities.

The Hour of CodeTM is a global initiative to reach tens of millions of students in over 180 countries and introduce them to computer programming. No prior experience with coding needed, and all it takes is just one hour of out of the normal school day to go through a preselected tutorial on computer code. If you haven’t already, register for the Hour of CodeTM (HoC) here and get entered to win an Ozobot Educator Entry Kit!

We LOVE participating in HoC because: (1) we welcome reasons to create new lessons and activities for students of all ages to try out, (2) we get to learn more about coding ourselves, and (3) we encourage everyone to discover for themselves how anyone can create with code!

We have seventeen free K–12 lessons for this year’s Hour of CodeTM. Just to help you narrow it down, here are five of our favorites, complete with recommended grades, which of our two ways to code students will use (Color Codes or OzoBlockly visual programming), whether the lesson is compatible with Evo-only or Evo and Bit, plus a short description. Click a lesson title to find more details plus classroom handouts, and don’t forget to explore our complete list of curated HoC tutorials from our Lesson Library here.

Hour of Code Lesson Image

Evo the Troll

Grades 5-8

In this lesson, use Evo to explore how to behave on the world wide web as an important piece of any good Computer Science education. Learn what makes someone an internet troll and why that’s not a good character to be, then Evo will flip the script on trolling and become a helpful, protective troll companion!

Random Story Generator

Grades 4-8

For the times when writer’s (or programmer’s) block plagues you, let Evo or Bit use a random generator OzoBlockly code to help you create your own story. Fill your writing with descriptive adjectives, unique nouns, qualified adverbs, and active verbs. Then tell your stories with friends and learn about how computers have a hard time being truly random after all.

Modeling Animal Habits and Habitats Lesson Image

Modeling Animal Habits and Habitats

Color Codes
Grades 1–5

Rabbits meet robots! Use Evo or Bit to show your students how robots can be used to model mother nature. Students will use point counter Color Codes to make their bot to model a rabbit grazing on a grassy hill, then stopping after eating its fill.

Drive to School with Ozobot

Color Codes
Grades K-12

Both Evo and Bit can take a pass at this metaphorical driving test. A great introduction to computational thinking, students will use Color Codes to direct the bots to solve the maze and find the route from home to school. If an hour of coding takes place at school, we imagine more students would be excited to find their way there too!

Ozobot Dance-Off for the Hour of Code

Grades 1-12

Evo and Bit can both dance if they want to, and who doesn’t feel like a celebratory dance after learning to code? Students will create a programmed dance routine in OzoBlockly, then watch their choreography come to life. For added inspiration, check out this epic dance-off between Evo and America’s Got Talent Season 12 alumnus Merrick Hanna!

Please share your Ozobot lessons and creations with us on social media. Just tag us @Ozobot and use #OzoSquad, and check out the Lesson Library for more fun activities and coding challenges for everyone. Let’s rock out 2018’s Hour of Code together!

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