A new, no-cost platform that makes it easy to engage students in all subjects, with & without screens

Why Teachers Love Ozobot Classroom

Interactive Teacher Training

Zero coding / CS experience required

Single-Click Class Setup

Automatically pair students with bots

Boosted Bluetooth Connectivity

To up to 18 bots

All Grades & All Subjects

With standards-aligned lessons

Engagement Insights

Track online & offline student engagement

Google Classroom Integration

More SIS integrations coming soon

How it Works


Ozobot Evo


A programmable robot with 2 Ways to Code-with and without screens

For Students


Classroom Communicator


Connects to up to 18 Evos for seamless updates and tracking of student progress (Free with Classroom Kit)

For Teachers


Ozobot Classroom


Teacher training and access to 100s of standards-aligned lessons, including remote-friendly lessons

For Teachers

Single-Click Class Setup

Automatically pair students with robots, connect to classroom devices, & launch a lesson–all with one click

Core Coding Curriculum

Start with a grade level-appropriate nine lesson series to introduce coding/CS, then explore 100s of interdisciplinary lessons (ELA, math, music, & more!)

Engagement Insights

Real-time insights into online & offline student activity help you maximize participation in coding/CS and improve retention of all subjects​

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Frequently Asked Questions

Teacher devices – Teachers can use Ozobot Classroom, Ozobot’s STEAM learning management system, for onboarding, an educator dashboard, bot and class management, and more. Computers with the Google Chrome browser are recommended for Classroom. Click here for updated device and system requirements. 

Student devices – Students can code Ozobot Evo two ways: screen-free with Color Codes and on-screen with OzoBlockly. For OzoBlockly, students can use a tablet with the Evo app or a computer with a web browser.

The following technology works best with OzoBlockly:

  • All modern browsers
  • iPads
  • Android tablets

If you already use Ozobots in the classroom, create your no-cost Classroom account here. An Ozobot Classroom Communicator was included with your Classroom Kit purchase. 

You do not need to download an app. Instead, you can access Ozobot Classroom from the Chrome web browser. Click here for updated device and system requirements.

Once you’ve created your Ozobot Classroom account, get started with Bot Camp: interactive training for teachers in Ozobot’s 2 Ways to Code. Acces Bot Camp from your educator dashboard, or at the top of the Help section.

When you’re ready to start teaching your students, we recommend starting with the Core Coding Curriculum, found at the top of the Lesson Library section. The Core Coding Curriculum is organized by grade level and covers five fundamental coding concepts: Sequencing, Loops, Advanced Sequences & Loops, Conditional Statements, Functions, and Variables. Educators don’t need any previous coding or computer science knowledge to get started!

More questions? Check out all of our FAQs or contact support@ozobot.com

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