Ozobot Challenges

Coding and computer science challenges for learning at school or at home, with bots or without!

Take Ozobot Challenges to the next level.

OzoBlockly Challenges

Free • No Bots Needed • 30 Levels
Play at home or prepare students to dive into OzoBlockly lessons with Ozobots.​
Concepts: Sequencing & Debugging
Evo, Bit (optional)
Grades 2+
Concepts: Sequencing & Debugging​​
Evo, Bit (optional)
MS & HS​
Concepts: Sequencing & Debugging
Evo, Bit (optional)
Grades 2+
Concepts: Sequencing, Debugging & Loops
Evo, Bit (optional)
Grades 2+

For Home: Evo App Games

Launch Evo from target to target with OzoLaunch, create custom Tricks, and more! Find games in the App’s Play section. Evo only | For smartphones/tablets

Educators: Your students can use the Evo App to create and load OzoBlockly programs with tablets. Learn more in our OzoBlockly FAQs.

For School: Game-Based Learning

No-Cost, Ready-to-Run Lessons

Hungry, Hungry Ozobot

Color Codes | Grades K-1

Hide in Plain Sight

OzoBlockly | Grades 1-3

PacMan Ozobot

Color Codes | Grades 3-5

Color Quest – Level 1

OzoBlockly | Grades 6-8

Breakout – Level 1

OzoBlockly | Grades 6-8


OzoBlockly | Grades 3-12

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