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Unlock the full potential of your classroom with Ozobot’s personalized coding and robotics solutions. We understand that every educational environment is unique and we’re here to provide you with a custom quote that aligns perfectly with your school’s needs, budget, and educational goals.

Why Choose a Custom Ozobot Solution?

Flexibility Across Budgets

Whether you’re outfitting a single classroom or an entire district, we offer scalable solutions to meet your financial constraints.

Curriculum Integration

Our products are designed to complement a wide range of subjects and curriculums, enhancing the learning experience across all grade levels.

Multi-Award-Winning Technology

Join the ranks of educators who have successfully integrated Ozobot’s award-winning tools into their teaching.

Engagement and Interaction

With Ozobot, students are not just learning; they’re excited to learn. Our STEAM robots inspire creativity, innovation, and problem-solving skills.

Support Every Step of the Way

Benefit from comprehensive resources, including setup guides, lesson plans, and ongoing customer support for seamless integration.

Each quote is meticulously crafted to ensure you get the most value out of your investment in education technology. By requesting a custom quote, you’ll receive:

A detailed breakdown of products and pricing tailored to your institution’s specific needs.

Information on grant and funding opportunities to make your purchase more affordable.

Insights into how Ozobot can enhance STEAM learning and coding education in your classrooms.

Exclusive offers and discounts available only through our custom quote system.

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