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6 Lessons to Build Your Students’ Self-eSTEAM

Did you know that May is National Teen Self-Esteem Month? We can definitely jump on board with raising awareness for this cause, especially since self-criticism (an obstacle to achieving high self-esteem) has become such a hot-button topic recently.

Brené Brown’s Netflix special “Call to Courage” (just released April 19th) along with her TED talk on vulnerability (one of the most-viewed TED talks ever!) both address a critical aspect of self-compassion and self-acceptance. Dr. Brown says that “owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.” It takes courage to live with vulnerability, to love ourselves, and to make cultivating a strong sense of self-esteem a priority. We know our beloved #OzoSquad has what it takes to make a difference!

National Today has some great ideas for getting involved this month, and we wanted to contribute to the movement too. Extending beyond teens, we’re happy to help bring coding confidence and self-eSTEAM to all grades with our 2 Ways to Code through the lessons and activities below!

Rev Up Evo’s Inspiration Wheel

Grades 1–12

First, check out the activity we made for this very month last year! After you run the OzoBlockly “Rev Up” program through the Evo App with your inspiration wheel, take Evo’s selected affirmation and write it on your mirror in dry-erase marker or carry it on an index card in your backpack to read often. Feel the belief in yourself whenever you spot it!

Ozobot Dance-Off

Grades 1–12

Dancing is not only a great option for authentic and vulnerable self-expression, it also increases self-esteem! Help Bit or Evo express themselves and grow in self-confidence by choreographing and programming a dance routine for them to perform.

OzoBlockly Skills 3 – Pair Programming

Grades 2–12

Part of our OzoBlockly Basic Training, this lesson prepares students for all future group work situations with Ozobots. All of us have unique strengths (for example, some may be a better driver versus navigator or vice versa). Through collaboration and pair programming, teamwork makes our dreams work!

Ozobot Obstacle Course

Color Codes
Grades 3–12

Overcoming obstacles and basking in the sense of accomplishment that follows can prove a great strategy for raising our self-esteem. In this lesson, use Evo or Bit to construct then solve an obstacle course, and afterwards celebrate the success of beating the challenge!

OzoArt Light Trails

Grades 6–12

Similar to dance, creating works of art is also a fantastic form of self-expression. This lesson uses Evo or Bit to provide some pretty satisfying instant gratification with just a camera and some OzoBlockly code. Students can marvel at each others’ OzoArt pieces and beam with pride.

Morse Code Generator

Grades 9–12

Besides the nod to military use of Morse Code as this month also celebrates Memorial Day, we’re including this lesson because of the positive correlation between self-esteem and communication skills! Students will use Ozobots to learn programming in OzoBlockly and at the same time learn a new way of communicating through Morse Code.

Don’t forget to share your May creations with us @Ozobot and use #OzoSquad for the chance to be featured on our social channels! And whenever you recognize an opportunity to encourage somebody, lift them up to increase their self-eSTEAM with your words and actions, not just this month, but always.

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