4 Thanksgiving Lessons to Bring STEAM to the Table

Happy November, OzoSquad! The holidays are just around the corner now, and we’re bringing STEAM to Thanksgiving this year! 

In just a few short weeks, families will gather around the table to share a delicious feast and reflect on all the things they are thankful for. For teachers, the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving break are filled with lessons and activities to teach students about the importance of the first Thanksgiving. 

We’ve put together a short list of engaging, Thanksgiving-inspired STEAM lessons for you to bring to your classroom this year!

Hungry Hungry Ozobot

Color Codes

Grades: K-1

It’s hard to imagine Thanksgiving without food, so collect as much food as you can for your Hungry, Hungry Ozobot! In this cooperative game, students will draw two number cards and work together to 1) identify the numbers on the cards, 2) count out the appropriate number of food props, and 3) compare numbers to determine which amount is greater. At the end of the game, they will count all the food to see how much they collected for their Hungry Hungry Ozobot!

“I’m Thankful for…” Coordinate Grid


Grades: 5-8

We are excited to give you a brand new lesson this Thanksgiving season! Using a grid, students will plot photos of things they are thankful for. They will then use OzoBlockly to find the coordinates of each photo on the grid and record their findings. 

Balloons Over Broadway 

Color Codes

Grades: PreK-1

In this project, students created a parade path with Color Codes for their Ozobots to follow, making connections with the book Balloons Over Broadway. We are very excited for you to now be able to try this brand-new lesson that was just submitted by Mary Catherine Coleman in Ozobot Classroom

Immigration with Ozobot

Color Codes

Grades: 2

This awesome, educator-submitted lesson, was not originally intended to be for Thanksgiving but can be easily adapted to the voyage of the Pilgrims! 

Your students’ Ozobot follows a line from the ocean to the main parts of the immigration process. At each main part, there is a customized QR code that students scan with a tablet. The QR links to a matching summary of the spot Ozobot is visiting. Adapt this for the Pilgrims’ journey by creating QR codes for notable places, such as Plymouth Rock, the site of the first Thanksgiving, the Plymouth Colony, and more.

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