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Our Favorite OzoThings Shared in September

The 2021-2022 school year is underway and teachers are full of hope that this year will bring forth some sense of normalcy. Meanwhile, Evo can’t contain its excitement to be back in action in classrooms! Check out some of our favorite OzoThings from this month. 

Ozobot Life Maps

Megan McKellar’s students had a great time creating life maps with their Ozobots. The activity required the students to map information about themselves, their interests, or their adventures. Then, they used Color Codes to have their bot travel through their maps. We think this is such a fun get-to-know-you activity for that first week back to school! 

The Organelle Trail

You’ve heard of the Oregon Trail, but have you heard of the Organelle Trail?! It’s a new way to learn about plant and animal cells while incorporating Ozobot! Annie Lupo’s fifth graders did a fantastic job coding their Evo to stop at each organelle in a plant or animal cell, using Color Codes

Two Truths and a Fib

Another fun get-to-know-you activity, created by Jennifer Mahin, is two truths and a fib. Katrina Brown’s students guessed the fib and used Color Codes to program Evo to point it out. We absolutely love this! 

Periodic Evo

Pamela Crofoot’s eighth grade students programmed their Evo in Ozobot Blockly to move around the periodic table of elements. We always love to see middle schoolers so engaged with Evo! 

Thank you to all our educators who shared their students’ creations. We love the ideas and creativity. Keep the wonderful ideas coming, and be sure to share your creations with us on social media using @Ozobot or #Ozobot for a chance to be featured. Stay tuned for next month’s OzoThings post!

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