Our Favorite OzoThings: Summer Edition

It’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy. We hope you are taking advantage of the summer sun, enjoying BBQs, beach time and some well-deserved time away from teaching for some rest and relaxation. 

This month we’re sharing some of our favorite summer activities. From the new Ozobot Simulator to scuba diving to go-karting, our educators and users have it covered. We hope you have as much fun this summer as Evo had with these fun activities!

Summer Scuba Diving with Evo

Ozobot Certified Educator and STEM Teacher, Rene Perry asked her students to create a program to allow their Evo to express a feeling. No doubt, her student jumped into the deep end with this assignment, programming her bot to experience joy while swimming with clownfish followed by feelings of fear swimming with sharks! We love the creativity, Rene!

Note: Ozobot does not recommend scuba diving with your Evo!

Putting Our NEW Ozobot Simulator to the Test

Mrs. A in VA is putting our new Ozobot Simulator to the ultimate test…via Zoom! Students were asked to write code to draw out the first initial of their first name and shared the code via Zoom chat so others could see. Mrs. A loaded the program remotely on her Evo and even taped a pen to Evo to draw it out! We are blown away by your innovation and thoughtfulness.

Go-Karting with Evo

STEM Lab Teacher Veronica Booth’s students put the pedal to the metal with a good old-fashioned go-kart race. The goal: the first student to get their Evo to the checkered flag wins! Don’t be fooled by a bit of robot traffic, these competitive students have their eyes on the finish line.

We Love This, Too

Australian eLearning Teacher Maria Emmi’s students can’t control their excitement while being introduced to Ozobot’s screen-free Color Codes. Students are learning cause and effect and how to control the direction of Evo’s speed and movements with a series of color codes. We think this student is coding Nitro Boost, but we agree, we love it too!

Making Dreams Come True

Romeo, one of Diane Harlan’s students’ dreams came true while participating in coding class. Romeo was so excited, Mom confirmed all he could talk about all night was how fun his coding class was! We love the enthusiasm Romeo, and we can’t wait to see what you create. 

Be sure to tag us in your Ozobot creations this summer to be featured in next month’s OzoThings! Tag on social @Ozobot and/or #OzoSquad! We love your creations and can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

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