Treasure Hunt

Bring on the lessons and activities this summer! June STEM lesson spotlight

Summer is here, and what better way to fill your days than with activities and lessons with Evo! June is packed with many fun holidays, from Summer Solstice,  World Environment Day, and Father’s Day! Get ready, we’re bringing the fun. 

Code a Roller Coaster Adventure

Author: Sheila Slawiak

Grades: 5-9

This fun assignment will be a culmination representing students’ color-coding skills. Color code Evo on a wild ride.


Author: Beth Worthy

Grades 3-9

Students will learn the importance of planning programs prior to programming by first playing Candyland and then programming Ozobot to recreate their board game.

Ozobot the World Explorer

Author: Jennifer Perry

Grades: 2-4

Students will learn mapping skills and the location of the Seven Continents by creating paths for Ozobot to travel. Dive deep into the world map and explore the seven continents!

Pop Star with Color Codes

Grades: 2-8

Students will be introduced to the concept of functions by using color codes to represent a function; by combining two or more color codes to create a function with a marker.

Treasure Hunt

Author: Cara Buckley

Grades: 2-5

Let’s go on a pirate treasure hunt! Get the pirates to their buried treasure on the island. Students will program an Ozobot using Ozobot Blockly to get from one place to another on a map while avoiding obstacles.

Code for the Gold – Gymnastic Floor Routine

Grades: K-4

Students will program Ozobot using sequences and loops to compete in a Gymnastics Floor Competition. Evo will recreate the performance Olympic worthy!

Recycle with That!

Author: Jenny Copeland

Grades: K-6

Students will guide Evo around their recycling board to recycle objects to help rebuild their community.

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