Evo Picks: Best Robot Movies of All Time

It’s awards season in Hollywood! This weekend, Evo will be cuddled up on the couch, excited to see which films take home Academy Awards! (Or is it Oscars? Evo really isn’t sure). 

To celebrate the glamorous and exciting event, we’ve asked Evo to pick its all-time favorite movies featuring its robot friends. See below for Evo’s picks and reasons why each one holds a special place in Evo’s heart.

Wall-E & Eve

Wall-E has a heart full of longing for friendship. It is no surprise that Evo loves him. Eve is another little bot that Evo likes. She is fiesty, determined, and smart. Plus, Wall-E’s story is inspiring and brings forth a very valuable lesson: the Earth is fragile! We must take care of it so we can enjoy all it has to offer us. 

Star Wars

To be honest, Evo cannot keep up with all of the Star Wars movies. With its recent increase in popularity and films, there is no way that Evo could choose one favorite to call out. The robots (or droids?) in the movies are total opposites. There’s C3PO, who is very by the book and uses logic at all times. Then there is R2D2 (technically a droid, but we’ll let Evo get away with it) who is more of the risk taker/rebel. Plus, Evo loves how he communicates in beep/boops! 

Bicentennial Man

Although this was a lesser-known film, Evo had to pay homage to Robin Williams. The movie was released in 1999 and featured a robot named Andrew that wanted to learn human characteristics. Andrew was curious, creative, and endearing. Evo thought it was funny to add that in the movie, they claimed by 2005 everybody would have a household robot like Andrew. It thinks the closest we have come to that is a Roomba


Is there anything cooler than a robot that can turn into a car? Evo doesn’t think so, which is why it ranked Transformers in its top picks. Between transforming robots, action-packed thrills, and the way Bumblebee communicates through music, Evo is a huge fan. Perhaps Bumblebee could teach Evo some new songs. 

We know these movies are older and not up for any awards this weekend, but Evo loves reminiscing about its old friends. Watching stories unfold with other robots inspires Evo to one day, possibly, be in a movie itself! Hmm.. We wonder what that movie would be about! 

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