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From One Signal of Liberty to a Symbol of Coding

Evo has spent a lot of time thinking about where to go on a trip for the Fourth of July. 

Thinking… thinking… think, think, think… AHA! Where better to go on Independence Day than one of the most patriotic cities of our nation – Philadelphia!

Evo researched the great city of Philly, and found numerous touristy things to do. 

There’s the possibility of grabbing a tasty cheesesteak, but the Whiz probably wouldn’t agree with Evo’s high-tech insides. Food for thought and food for bots don’t always mix!

What else could Evo do in Philadelphia? What about the most essential stop to make on a quest for a celebration of our nation’s independence… Independence Park! That’s it!

With a thirst for knowledge and a desire to roam through the streets of history, Evo checks the map and arrives at Independence Park this morning. 

While strolling – erm, rolling around the sidewalks, reading some historical markers here and there, Evo noticed a long line of people headed into one building in particular. 

Overhearing snippets of conversations with parents pumping up their kids’ interest, best Evo could tell, this building housed “one of the top five things to do according to TripAdvisor.” Whatever that is!

It looks large and impressive, but definitely not intimidating for a confident little bot such as Evo.

Evo decides to join the throngs of tourists to see what all the fuss is about. After going inside, Evo practices patience and good citizen etiquette by waiting in line without following too closely, even though it’s hard to contain the excitement buzzing. Did someone say we’re all here to see a “Liberty B-”… a liberty what?

Finally, Evo’s queue approaches the great big metal thing that everyone has been talking about. Is this… wait… is this Liberty thing-a-magig actually a… Liberty Bot? Is that what I’ve been hearing? 

Rolling closer, Evo sees the dome-shape and some metal pieces sticking out of the bottom. Are those its wheels? Is the Liberty Bot just like me?

Evo looks more closely and notices something HORRIFYING. A giant, spreading… CRACK! Oh no! Maybe some well-meaning coder accidentally dropped the Liberty Bot off of a student desk and broke it!

I’ve got to find out what happened! Evo scootches closer to the rail just as a tour guide begins to speak about the significance of, what Evo now hears is, The Liberty Bell.

A bell-toll calling the lawmakers together who would set up our country’s system of freedom, and a symbol of fighting for independence for multiple movements throughout history, Evo thinks, Maybe even though it’s not a bot, the Liberty Bell may not be so different from me after all.

Hearing the end of the tour guide’s information, Evo focuses on the inscription of the bell. “Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants thereof.”

Evo can’t wait to tell everyone about celebrating the Fourth of July with the Liberty Bell, and creating a message of its own:

“Proclaim freedom to create with code throughout all the classrooms of life unto all the students and potential programmers thereof!”

Images from:  NPS (National Park Service), public domain

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