Grow STEM in the Classroom: Introducing Lettuce Grow x Ozobot

OzoGrows is a partnership between Lettuce Grow and Ozobot that combines STEM learning with hydroponics to grow herbs, greens, flowers and more indoors. Pairing the Lettuce Grow Farmstand plant tower with Ozobot Curriculum and accessories, this exclusive learning bundle offers all that’s needed for year-round classroom growing and education. 

Product Offering:

When you order the OzoGrows bundle, you’ll have all the equipment and tools for growing fruits and vegetables indoors all school year long! Those items include:

  1. Lettuce Grow Farmstand
  2. Integrated LED lights
  3. Grow Cups
  4. Water pump
  5. Power cord
  6. Timer
  7. Dolly
  8. Plant nutrients and scoops
  9. pH Testing Kit & supplies
  10. Plant Tags 
  11. Ozobot Markers
  12. 24 or 100 seedlings vouchers*
  13. Ozobot curriculum

The Value of OzoGrows in the Classroom

  1. OzoGrows & Learning: According to a study by Emily J. Ozer, school gardens can be a powerful tool for enhancing student health and well-being, as well as strengthening the overall school environment.
  2. OzoGrows & Integrated Education: A study by Jay B. Labov, Ann H. Reid, and Keith R. Yamamoto emphasizes the importance of integrating biology into education. With OzoGrows, we’re making biology a hands-on, engaging experience. Students won’t just learn about plants; they’ll grow them, care for them, and see the life cycle in action.
  3. OzoGrows & Healthy Habits: Mary Story, Marilyn S. Nanney, and Jamie F. Chriqui’s research highlight the role of schools in promoting healthy eating and physical activity. OzoGrows aligns with this mission by introducing students to the process of growing their own food, fostering an appreciation for healthy, fresh produce, and encouraging healthier eating habits.
  4. OzoGrows & Innovative Teaching: Kimberly D. Tanner and Deborah H. Allen’s study discusses the challenges and importance of innovative course design. OzoGrows is a testament to this innovative spirit, offering a unique, hands-on learning experience that can be integrated into various aspects of the K-8 curriculum.
  5. OzoGrows & Scientific Literacy: Michael R. Dougherty’s research emphasizes the need for a scientifically literate public. OzoGrows contributes to this goal by providing students with a practical understanding of plant biology, fostering scientific curiosity and literacy from a young age.

For more on the benefits of hydroponics in the learning environment, read our white paper, “Enhancing Education: The Benefits of Gardens, Plants, and Green Spaces in School Classrooms“.

Pricing & Availability

The OzoGrows bundle is available with two seedling offerings. For a starter experience, purchase the 24 seedlings voucher that includes all items for $1145. If you’re looking to get started with year-round growing, purchase the 100 seedlings voucher option for $1480.

OzoGrows is available now for pre-order and will ship 8/15 just in time for back to school! To get started with an order, contact our sales team here or through our website here.

Get excited to get growing!


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