Learn to code and build STEM skills through immerseive, hands-on experiences at Ozobot coding camp this summer. Sign up for Camp Ozobot today!

Join us at Camp Ozobot this Summer!

We’ve teamed up with US Sports Camps, the largest provider of sports camps in the world, to bring you a one-of-a-kind coding camp this summer!

Starting in July, students in California and Texas can learn to code and build STEM skills through interactive, hands-on learning at Camp Ozobot.

During each coding camp session, students will engage with Evo and work through critical thinking and problem solving to build coding literacy and enhance their skill set while learning real-world applications. Woven throughout each half-day session are opportunities to collaborate with peers, express creativity, and strengthen computer science knowledge, all in a safe and fun environment. 

Geared for students between ages 8-14, Camp Ozobot highlights include:

  • Team-based learning, hands-on activities, and exciting challenges
  • Exposure to coding concepts from credentialed educators
  • Award-winning coding solutions including Evo, Color Codes and Ozobot Blockly
  • Low educator-to-student ratio (6:1 or better)
  • Standards-aligned curriculum

Coding camps will run for four days with half-day sessions each day starting from July 25, 2022 to August 4, 2022 at professional workspaces in:

  • Austin, TX,
  • San Mateo, CA
  • Irvine, CA

Camp Ozobot 2022 registration is open now! Interested parents, students, and educators can visit the US Sports Camps website to sign up and learn more information.

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