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July Lesson Spotlight: Top 10 Lessons (So Far) of 2023

We are excited to unveil our top 10 lessons of 2023 thus far! These lessons are designed to provide a well-rounded STEAM learning experience that keeps students engaged, excited, and intellectually stimulated and are loved, shared and downloaded by educators just like you!  Let’s dive in and discover a summer of STEAM!

Pollination Garden

Grade: 2

Students create an interactive model of a flower garden to demonstrate how animals help with pollination. Then students collect data about the flowers pollinated.

Black History: Influential People

Grades: 2-5

Students will read clues to identify five different influential people in Black history and draw a picture to show a major event for each. Students will create an interactive timeline using Color Codes to program their bot to move through history.

Snowflake with Ozobot  Author: Hanka Šandová

Grades: K-3

This activity is a coloring task for beginners, students will discover how their Ozobot behaves on colored lines.

Bowling with Ozobot

Grades: K-12

This is a bowling game with Ozobot as the bowling ball. Students will program Ozobot to knock over the bowling pins and win the game!

Ozobot Finds LOVE

Grades: K-12 

Students will be able to use markers and OzoCodes to help Ozobot find “LOVE” in the maps provided below.

Code For the Gold – 50 cm Race

Grades: K-12

Students will plan and execute a program with a variety of parameters, practice measurement, sequencing and debugging as they create a racetrack for Ozobot.

Meet Ozzie the Ozobot!  Author: Erika Meadows

Grades: PK-3

This lesson is perfect for the pre-K – 3rd grade classes to use as an introduction to Ozobots.  The Ozzie the Ozobot file is a kid’s story that introduces Ozobots.  There are four challenges that are differentiated to fit your class’s needs.

Drive to School with Ozobot

Grades: K-12

Program Ozobot using paper and markers! Use models and simulation to explore complex systems and issues, plan and manage activities to develop a solution or complete a project, and use technology systems to make sense of problems.

Treasure Hunt  Author: Cara Buckley

Grades: 2-5

Let’s go on a pirate treasure hunt!  Get the pirates to their buried treasure on the island.

Stargazing with Ozobot: Recreate a Constellation

Grades: 5-12

Students will learn about constellations and recreate a constellation for Ozobot to follow along using Ozobot Blockly.

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