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June OzoThings

As another school year draws to a close and summer break begins, let’s take  a look at the exciting STEAM activities that took place in classrooms this month. From unraveling the mysteries of the solar system to the Tech Trek workshop, students had the opportunity to engage in a wide range of hands-on learning experiences. 

Evo is Out of this World!

This group of 5th graders color coded Evo’s around the solar system! It was out of this world.

Hang on Tight!

These students went to work creating roller coaster sequences out of color codes for Evo. What a wild ride!  

Evo in the Big Apple!

These young coders dressed their bots up to film and play at summer camp. Their challenge was to design a place for their Evos to stay,  from the jungle, to the Big Apple, a candy themed game board and even a race track! 

Ozobot Around the World

This 3rd grade class created an Ozobot story map. Their color coded journeys consisted of the ocean, cities, forest, and barns! 

Coding Camp

This group went above and beyond in their assignments, by combining multiple disciplines like geometry and coding. They coded their Ozobots to follow the perimeters of multiple shapes! 

Ready, Set, Go!

Ms. Ty-Holland’s class participated in an Ozobot challenge where students got to work building a 100cm track to put their measuring skills to the test. They got to fuel their need for speed at the most exhilarating competition of the year!

3D Storyboards

Ms. Hall’s students coded Evo as a character from their written stories complete with 3D storyboards.

STEAM Challenge Ahead!

These 6th grade students went through the ultimate STEAM challenge. From sourcing materials, to building out a bridge, their skills put Evo to the ultimate coding test. 

Vowel Snap!

Evo made an appearance at camp! Students learned the different rules of vowels by navigating Evo around activity sheets. 

Summer of STEAM

Tech Trek 2023 was a success! Evo provided hands-on learning experiences to teachers for the classroom that are fun, educational, and standards-aligned for their students.

Thank you to all our educators who shared their students’ creations. We love seeing all of your ideas and creativity! Keep the wonderful ideas and STEAM activities coming, and be sure to tag @Ozobot or #Ozobot in your creations this summer for a chance to be featured in our next roundup of favorite #OzoThings.

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