Kentucky Derby, Nurse Day and Spring Bloom: May Lesson Spotlight

May is full of fun holidays that provide great opportunities to engage students in STEAM learning! From the Kentucky Derby to recognizing our nation’s nurses on Nurse Day, pollination and flowers, and World Plant a Vegetable Garden Day, there are many exciting lessons that can be taught through color coding. 

Spring Bloom is here!

Pollination Garden

Grade 2

Students create an interactive model of a flower garden to demonstrate how animals help with pollination. Then students collect data about the flowers pollinated.

Pollen Love with BEES! Author: Heather Myers

Grades K-5

Using Color Codes (or Ozobot Blockly) students will dress up their Ozobot like a bee. Then, they will recreate the bee’s daily journey.

Ozo-bug Zoo Exhibit Author: Kaitlin Chidester

Grades 2-6

Students will be presented with the challenge of creating a Ladybug exhibit at a new zoo including key features of a habitat.

Life Cycle of a Butterfly Author: Frances Amato

Grades K-5

This lesson is for students with disabilities to participate in the coding process  and understanding of the cycle of a butterfly.

Are You My Mother? Author: Robin Adkins

Grades K-2

Students will listen to the story “Are You My Mother?” by P.D. Eastman and then use color codes to direct Evo to the correct mother.

Ozobot Joins May the 4th Author: Cindy Gonzalez

Grades K-4

Students will celebrate computer science skills during the May the 4th events.

Code for the Gold – 50cm Race

Grades K-4

Students will plan and execute a program with a variety of parameters, practice measurement, sequencing and debugging as they create a racetrack for Ozobot.

Every Job is Important!

Grades K-2

This lesson is for students to understand that all jobs/specialists depend on other specialists, and if one cannot do his/her job, others might suffer because of the break in the interdependence web.

Sorting Food into Food Groups Author: Laura Bruno

Grades 1-3

Students will decide which food group a food item belongs to by programming the Ozobot to turn left or right at an intersection.

My Local Community Author: Laura Bruno

Grades K-4

Students will plan and code a route to visit common buildings in their local community by programming the Ozobot to turn left or right at an intersection, to turn around and go straight.

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