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May OzoThings: Exploring Lessons in the Classroom

This month was filled with exciting STEAM activities to wrap up the school year. As students get ready for summer they have built some impressive designs from a Star Wars themed land to an ocean habitat to a full zoo! These students have gone above and beyond with their creative skills!

Battle of the Bots!

These students recreated junk droids, battle bots, R2D2 and more to explore the intergalactic world!

Blooming Season 

Ms. Robin’s students recreated the pollination cycle and drew insects and animals that are essential to the process of pollination. They blew us away with their amazing illustrations.

May the Force be With You!

Ms. ​​Gratton’s fifth grade class went above and beyond for May to the Fourth! Her students designed and created their own Star Wars land using new materials and testing paths! What an intergalactic surprise.

Strike it Big! 

Ms. Peterson’s students had a blast  bowling and knocking down as many pins as possible! They created a color code map to pin down the targets. When in doubt, bowl it out! 

Exploring the world, one code at a time!

Miss V’s Kindergarteners designed a color coded path for their bots! They put their critical thinking caps and put their skills to the test. So impressive! 

Evo the Great Power Machine!

They put Evo to the test and built a contraption that pulled a pile of blocks with string, tape, and paper. Small but mighty! 


Mrs. Bertolio’s fourth grade and kindergarten students designed an amazing underwater ocean habitat for all the sea creatures. Built with bots, LEGOs, sea creatures, foam and glitter, they blew us out of the water with this creation.

Evo’s Animal Kingdom 

Step into the wild wonders crafted by passionate student minds!  These students designed a zoo filled with lions, tigers, bears and birds. They color coded their way through an amazing exhibit.

The Amazing Life Cycles of Plants and Frogs: An Ozobot Adventure!

These kindergarteners went on an exciting journey to discover the fascinating life cycles of plants and frogs. From seeds, sprouts, seedlings to mature plants; to eggs, tadpoles, froglets to adult frogs these students explore the stages with Evo!

Thank you to all our educators who shared their students’ creations. We love seeing all of your ideas and creativity! Keep the wonderful ideas and STEAM activities coming, and be sure to tag @Ozobot or #Ozobot in your creations this summer for a chance to be featured in our next roundup of favorite #OzoThings.

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