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Our Favorite Winter-Themed OzoThings

Happy New Year, #OzoSquad! We’re back with our most beloved blog series, our favorite OzoThings! If you are new to the Ozobot family, these posts are monthly spotlights of inspiring and just-plain-awesome STEAM creations from our community of educators, parents, and kid creators. 

Each month, we choose a specific theme of OzoThings to highlight and for January 2021 we have chosen a winter theme! From snow plows to raindrops to the North Pole, please enjoy our picks of our Favorite Winter OzoThings to kick off the new year! If you’re looking to recreate some of these creations, you can brush up on how to use Color Codes and OzoBlockly in the 2 Ways to Code section of ozobot.com.

Ozobot Visits The North Pole

Christi English’s 6th and 7th graders created this awesome Color Code winter wonderland for their Ozobot to travel through. They called it the North Pole (which was fitting, since this was around Christmas time). The students applied math concepts to make the buildings including perimeter, area, SV, and volume. We also wanted to point out the videography skills of the student recording this activity. Great use of angles! 

The Snow Plow

One of our more popular winter activities in our lesson library is our Snow Plow, and for good reason. Who doesn’t love a lesson that combines the engineering design process with OzoBlockly coding? Throw in some little pom poms to use as “snow” and it’s no wonder it’s such a hit with students! We love that Cascade Christian School took it a step further by asking the students to problem solve the negative impacts that using salt on snowy roads has on the environment. 

If I Were A Raindrop 

Ms. Kelley Taylor’s class recently created some really awesome water cycle projects. They drew a map representing the water cycle, wrote a narrative from the perspective of a raindrop, then used their Ozobots to bring the whole project to life. We bet the students will always remember the details of the water cycle because of this hands-on activity. 

Winter Ozo-Maze

Ms. Orfanitopoulos created these really cute, winter-inspired Ozobot mazes that educators can find on her Teachers Pay Teachers account. Such a fun way to introduce Color Codes to younger students with the fun snowman images and colorful design. Thank you for sharing this activity with educators around the world!

Winter Wonderland

Mandee Cossa’s students made winter wonderland mazes for their Ozobots with markers and paper. We love seeing the creativity of each group of students in their different projects. Our favorite has to be the “fitness circle” for Evo. Bots have to stay physically healthy, too! 

Stay tuned for next month’s OzoThings post and be sure to share your creations on social media and use #Ozobot for a chance to be featured! We can’t wait to see what you create!

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