Our top ELA Lessons!

Whether you’re a teacher, student, or parent, there are numerous engaging English Language Arts (ELA) lessons that can make learning English a fun and enriching experience for students. In this blog post, we’ll explore creative ELA lesson ideas for each grade level that foster language development and a love for reading and writing.

Our Top Picks:

Scaredy Squirrel Ozobot Coding- Author: Hannah Irion-Frake 

Code your Ozobot with color codes to travel a specific path related to the book Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Watt.

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Coding Animal Life Cycles

Students will use their bots to mimic the transformation of different animals and their life cycle.

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Swimming With the Ozobots: Shark Lady– Author: Amanda Buschmann

After reading the biography story SHARK LADY: THE TRUE STORY OF HOW EUGENIE CLARK BECAME THE OCEAN’S MOST FEARLESS SCIENTIST, students will code their Ozobots to travel in the correct sequential order through a story map.

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Dragons Love Tacos– Author: Stephanie Montgomery

The students will code Ozobot to  travel along a path of events that happen in the book, Dragons Love Tacos by: Adam Rubin.

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Full list of top ELA lessons:

Kindergarten – Meet Ozzie the Ozobot

This lesson is perfect for kindergarteners to use as an introduction to Ozobot and coding. Ozzie the Ozobot is a children’s story introducing Evo and all it can do! Throughout the lesson, there are four challenges that are differentiated to fit your class’s needs. 

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First Grade – Balloons Over Broadway – But Better

After reading the biography Balloons over Broadway, students will design their own Macy’s Day Parade-inspired balloons using balloons, markers, and other materials. Students will then show off their balloons by attaching them to Evo using line following! 

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Second Grade – Silly Sentences

In this lesson, students will use Color Codes and Evo to randomly choose nouns and verbs as a foundation for a simple silly sentence. Students will then choose other words to complete a second silly sentence.

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Third Grade – Ozobot’s Fairytale, Lesson I

This lesson combines programming and literature to create the perfect in-class activity. Students will use Evo to “act out” a fairytale using Ozobot Blockly. 

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Fourth Grade – Ozobot’s Day of Similes

Students will come up with a word to complete commonly used similes to describe Evo’s day and use Color Codes to program their bot to demonstrate the similes. This is a great lesson for fourth graders to practice literacy and coding! 

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Fifth Grade – Conjunctions by Chance

Students will use Evo to randomly choose words on the Conjunctions by Chance Map and identify the word as a preposition, noun, or adjective. Students will then write a sentence using the word. 

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Sixth through Eighth Grade – Random Story Generator

In this activity, students will learn how computers generate random numbers using Ozobot Blocky. They will then write a fun story using random words that Evo chose.

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For more lessons, check out Ozobot Classroom!

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