Ozobot Lessons for Every Letter in STEAM

Did you know Ozobots are used to teach subjects way beyond coding and computer science? If you take a peek into a classroom using Evo or Bit, you’ll see our small and smart bots encouraging knowledge growth in astronomy, theater, geometry, and more!

Discover free K–12 lessons for these STEAM subjects below. With each lesson, we’ve outlined recommended grades, which of our two ways to code students will use (Color Codes or OzoBlockly visual programming), whether the lesson requires Evo or if Bit and Evo both work, plus a short description. Click a lesson title to find more details plus classroom handouts in our Lesson Library.

S (Science)

Conjunctions of the Goddess of Love and the God of War
Grades: 6-12

For use with Evo or Bit, this lesson is great for gettings students interested in the solar system, astronomy, and space science! One Ozobot represents the planet Mars, and another represents Venus. The provided OzoBlockly programs let students determine the time between planetary alignments known as conjunctions.

Modeling Animal Habits and Habitats

Modeling Animal Habits and Habitats
Color Codes
Grades 1–5

Rabbits meet robots! Use Evo or Bit to show your students how robots can be used to model mother nature. Students will use point counter Color Codes to make their bot to model a rabbit grazing on a grassy hill, then stopping after eating its fill.

T (Technology):

EvoVac – Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Simulation
Grades 7–12

Move over Roomba. For use with Evo only, this lesson leads students as they study, run, and modify an OzoBlockly program that transforms Evo into a robotic vacuum cleaner. Brought to you by Featured Educator Richard Born, this lesson is aligned with various Computer Science standards.

Robotic Warehouse Simulation
Grades 7-12

Warehouses and fulfillment centers are a great example of how robots are used to make our everyday lives more efficient. For this lesson, students will run an OzoBlockly program to make Evo or Bit traverse a warehouse floor and stop to “pick” items from shelves.

E (Engineering):

Future Burger
Grades 9-12

Did you know four MIT students recently opened Spyce, the world’s first restaurant with a robotic kitchen? Get your students in on the fun with a lesson that prompts them to create a layout of a hamburger production line for a restaurant testing out a similar idea.

Color Codes
Grade 1

This lesson fully embraces the belief that coding is, in fact, a creative practice. Students will sketch out ideas on what they plan to create with Evo or Bit and various materials, then they’ll build and test their design to see the outcome.

A (Art):

Ozobot Art–OzoArt!
Grades 6-12

Armed with a camera, an Ozobot Evo or Bit, and a little OzoBlockly code your students will create unique and beautiful OzoArt pieces in no time at all! Specifically, they’ll make some long exposure light trail photography using their bots’ bright LEDs.

Ozobot Theatre
Color Codes
Grade 3

To bot, or not to bot? There’s no question students will embrace transforming Evo or Bit into characters for dramatic representations of classic stories or creations of their own. Aligned with academic standards for Language Arts, this lesson will inspire all the young artists and engineers in your classroom.

Math | Lessons for Every Letter in STEAM

M (Math):

Evo Math Operations – Practice Add, Subtract, and Multiply
Grades 1-5

For use with Evo only, this lesson turns Evo into a math study buddy! Evo will speak two numbers to write into either an addition, subtraction, or multiplication equation, then will give students four seconds before revealing the answer.

Geometry Task Cards
Color Codes
Grades 3-5

Students will take on challenges to create Color Code maps for Ozobot Evo or Bit. Each map incorporates Color Codes and key geometric elements, including perpendicular lines, angles, and more.

Please share your Ozobot lessons and creations with us on social media. Just tag us @Ozobot and use #OzoSquad, and check out the Lesson Library for more fun activities and coding challenges for everyone. We can’t wait to see what other subjects Evo and Bit explore!

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