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Ozobot’s New Self-Service PD Platform: Professional Learning When You Want, Where You Want

Here at Ozobot, we know one thing for certain: teachers are the best. There’s nothing more inspiring than engaging with educators who leverage our products to ignite, captivate, and propel their students to the next level of critical thinking. And, we also know that teachers’ most precious commodity–time–is under constant demand.

For that reason, we have created our self-service professional development platform,  so teachers can obtain the critical computer science development they are looking for at a time and place that works for them. This hub for professional learning will provide an array of courses tailored to educators and partners alike. It is ideal for anyone seeking to broaden their comprehension of coding, encompassing both the conceptual framework and the practical steps required to seamlessly incorporate Ozobot into their daily classroom routines. And the best part? Teachers can access the learning when they are in the head space to do so. 

Our platform offers an asynchronous learning experience coupled with immediate access to Ozobot’s wealth of educational materials. It allows schools the flexibility to introduce our products to teachers at any time throughout the year, eliminating the need to coordinate schedules for in-person or group sessions. 

Ozobot’s self-service platform launches today with three courses: 

  1. Creative Coding with Ozobot Color Codes
    This comprehensive course is designed for educators seeking to integrate Ozobot Color Codes into their classrooms to enhance learning and introduce young students to the basics of programming and computational thinking (CT). Through a series of interactive modules, participants will explore the fundamentals of Ozobot Color Codes, delve into creative problem-solving and storytelling, and learn how to effectively integrate these tools across various subjects to support curriculum standards.
  2. Ozobot Blockly Essentials
    A course designed to equip educators with the tools and insights necessary to bring coding to life in the classroom. Through engaging modules and practical application, this course lays the foundation for integrating programming across various subjects, empowering students to explore, innovate, and solve real-world problems.  
  3. Innovating with Ozobot Blockly
    A comprehensive journey into the world of advanced coding techniques and the transformative potential of Ozobot in the classroom. This course is designed for educators ready to take their skills to the next level, offering an in-depth exploration of advanced programming concepts such as conditional logic, variables, functions, and sensor integration. Through a combination of theoretical understanding and hands-on practice, participants will learn to harness the full power of Ozobot Blockly, enabling them to create dynamic and interactive learning experiences that inspire and engage students.

We are so excited to meet the needs of our teachers because we know it means incredible things for students. If you are still looking for that special touch live or in-person professional development provides, check out our other PD offerings!

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