Ozobot’s Three Rs: Reading, ‘Rithmetic, and Robots!

We’ve all heard the saying “Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic” to reference the most basic skills taught in our school days. Ozobots are used for teaching every letter in STEAM, meaning not just coding and computer science, but also subjects like Language Arts and Math. Therefore, we’ve come up with three Rs of our ownReading, ‘Rithmetic, and Robots!

Discover free K–12 lessons for Language Arts and Math subjects below. With each lesson, we’ve outlined recommended grades, which of our two ways to code students will use (Color Codes or OzoBlockly visual programming), and a short description. All work with both Evo and Bit! Click a lesson title to find more details plus classroom handouts in our Lesson Library. We’ve got three lessons for reading, four for ‘rithmetic, and the robots are baked right into all of them!


Ozobot’s Fairytale Lesson 1
Grades: 2-12

In our first lesson combining language arts with programming languages, students will use Ozobots as their main character to act out a fairy tale story. Never fear, Bit won’t get stage fright before nailing the role of Belle in Beauty & The Beast, and Evo would love to live out its dreams starring as the Emperor getting new clothes!

Ozobot Odyssey
Color Codes
Grades: 9-12

Students can experience classical literature and how point of view impacts the reader by coding positioning Ozobot as a specific character and coding it through The Odyssey. For example, how do you think Evo sees STEAM in the world compared to Bit’s view of programming? We’re pretty sure they’d each have different and unique stories to tell.

Murder Mystery Stories
Color Codes
Grades: 10

Our March Creator of the Month, Ms. Ligouri, came up with this four part, project-based learning assignment:

“First, students work collaboratively to create a ‘Murder Mystery’ story. After they create a sound plot, students are instructed to build a storyboard which displays, in detail, the setting of their story. Finally, they Color Code their Ozobot(s) to move on the storyboard following the actions of the main character. After class presentations, students take part in an informative writing assignment where they give a detailed account of the coding process of the Ozobot throughout their story.”

Ms. Liguouri’s class combined coding, creative writing, and technical writing into one awesome project that we LOVE!


Non-Standard Measurement Using Ozobot: How many Ozo-loops tall are you?
Color Codes
Grades: K-2

In our first lesson integrating math and creative coding, students will make an Ozo-loop from a strip of paper with a line and one speed code for Ozobot to travel on, then count the number of Ozo-loops it takes to go from their feet to the top of their head. Pro-tip: If you want to seem taller than your friends, make your Ozo-loop shorter! #math

The Great Divide: A Fraction Challenge
Color Codes
Grades: 3

Evo and Bit can get somewhat bored always traveling on a plain old square track. So, in this lesson, we’ll divide squares up to make new tracks while exploring various fractions. Through this method, students can better visualize equivalent fractions. We give this lesson a 10/10!

Multiplication Table Practice Image

Multiplication Table Practice
Grades: 1-5

Using a provided OzoBlockly program and OzoMap, students will try to beat Ozobot to the answers for multiplication of randomly selected numbers. They also get some math practice in by checking their multiplied answer, as Ozobot blinks the answer using its colored LEDs.

Make a Multiplication Algorithm
Grades: 6-12

This lesson introduces the computing concept of algorithms, and instructs students to build an algorithm for Ozobot to demonstrate multiplication facts. The skill of creating an algorithm for a given purpose leads into Machine Learning concepts, AI, and beyond!

Teaching all these subjects with Ozobot really isn’t a stretch when you think about it. One common theme tying these subjects together is language. We’ve got localized language with English and Literature, Math as the universal language of numbers, and coding as the language humans use to communicate with technology. Our bots are happy to be spreading a love of language and learning in over 10,000 schools around the world.

Please share your Ozobot lessons and creations with us on social media. Just tag @Ozobot and use #OzoSquad, and check out the Lesson Library for more fun activities and coding challenges for everyone. Let us know if you think of any other “R” subjects that Evo and Bit can learn with!

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