What’s New in Ozobot Classroom – for 2021

If you didn’t think Ozobot Classroom could get any better, think again! When we were developing our STEAM LMS, we collected feedback from over 1,000 educators on what features were most important to them. It’s always top of mind for us to support teachers and students alike, in any way we can.

Even after the January 2020 launch of Ozobot Classroom, we’ve maintained this mindset. Education is constantly changing, along with the way teachers are expected to present curriculum, so we will regularly update our software (and hardware!) to reflect your needs. The latest releases of Ozobot Classroom have included key updates we hope will be lifesavers for educators during this unprecedented time. Here are some of our community’s favorite new features:

1. Google Classroom Integration

In 2020, we joined the Google for Education Integrated Solutions Initiative and integrated Ozobot Classroom with Google Classroom, the platform now used by more than 100 million teachers and students worldwide. This means that you can login to Ozobot Classroom with your Google account to:

  • import student rosters,
  • manage remote assignments, and
  • sync grades, and more. 

Even if you’ve already created an Ozobot Classroom account, just sign in with Google next time to start using these new features. 

2. Flexible, Remote-Friendly Lessons

Many schools, teachers, and students had to go through a tough transition to remote or hybrid learning situations in 2020. When we polled our community on the features that could help them the most during these challenges, hands-on lessons topped the list. Enter our remote-friendly Learn Anywhere lessons. 

These lessons integrate color coding with Ozobots into core content areas like math, ELA, and science. Each lesson comes with a student-facing instructional video designed to take some of the lift off teachers, and each lesson is fully flexible for remote, in-person, or hybrid instruction. 

Educators, you can find this new content in our Lesson Library, which has always had filters to help you narrow down your search by grade level, subject, and coding method. Now, there’s a remote-friendly filter too. With it, you can find our Learn Anywhere Lessons in a jiffy! 

3. Interactive Student View

A new, interactive Student View is now available in Ozobot Classroom, for Google Classroom users. This saves teachers time and walks students through Learn Anywhere Ozobot assignments, with a social-emotional check-in too! Thanks to our Google Classroom integration, your students can sign in using their existing Google accounts. No separate logins need to be created! 

If you haven’t yet created your free Ozobot Classroom account, sign up for free to access these new features! You’ll also find Bot Camp teacher training, 100s of standards-aligned lessons for in-person instruction, and more within Classroom. Is there something you’d like to see us add or change in the future? Please let us know by clicking on the feedback button in Ozobot Classroom. Your suggestions help us create the future of education.

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