Women’s History Month: The Top 31 Inspiring Female Teachers to Follow on Twitter

Editor’s Note: This post has been update since its original posting date with even more women educators that have caught our eye on Twitter with their engaging content and thought leadership! 

Students get so much more out of the classroom than the set curriculum. They learn about societal norms, what they like and don’t like, and who they can be someday. Teachers have an enormous responsibility in educating the next generation, and many go above and beyond to create a safe, engaging classroom that promotes a curiosity for learning.

This Women’s History Month we are honoring the top female  teachers in the classroom. A good place to start is with these top 31 exciting and informative accounts on Twitter.

Kelly Wickham Hurst

Kelly Wickham Hurst is the executive director of Being Black at School, an Illinois-based  organization that promotes equality and safety in the school system for black children. She often tweets with the #EduColor hashtag and is a speaker and activist.

Lisa Dabbs

Lisa Dabbs is an educator, speaker, and consultant in California. She is a former principal who is always at the latest conferences, learning events, and seminars. Follow her for informative tweets, and to get information on upcoming conventions and workshops for educators and where she is speaking next.

Kristen Albright

At a student, did you have an educator that you could tell truly loves teaching and wants every student to succeed? That’s the feeling you get from Kristen Albright.  You can also check out the webinar she hosted to see some of her strategies for making remote/hybrid learning models work for everyone.

Jennifer Mahin

If you associate rural schools with a lack of technology, prepare to be amazed! Jennifer Mahin is a K-5 Technology Integration specialist bringing all the EdTech to the rural students she serves. You can also check out the recent webinar she hosted with Nikki Jones for some of her tips on tools she uses to increase engagement and passion for learning, even in a remote enviornment!

Nikki Jones

Nikki Jones’ passion for engaging her students is very apparent in her Twitter feed, and we love following along with the lessons and challenges she uses to promote creativity, collaboration, and love for learning.

Sarah Thomas

Sarah Thomas, Ph.D. currently lives and teaches in the Washington, D.C. area. She blogs regularly, posting on her website and on Medium, and is currently looking back on where she came from and where she is now. Follow her for insights and best practices for establishing equity and promoting diversity in the classroom.

Teresa Gross

Teresa Gross is both a bookworm and an educator, two characteristics that often go hand-in-hand. Follow her to see what teaching in her literacy classroom is like. Based in New York, Gross shares the books, lessons, and decorations used in her room.

Domonique Bulls

Dr. Domonique Bulls of Atlanta is the founder of Girls Can Do Science Too, which promotes participation of girls and women in STEAM through workshops, internships, and improvements to the curriculum. She is a strong voice calling for diversity and inclusion in STEAM, making her a resource for starting a discussion around these topics.

Katie Martin

Katie Martin, Ph.D. lives in San Diego. You can follow her on Twitter or keep an eye on her blog. She developed the concept of #LCInnovation, or Learner Centered Experiences. You can read more about this educating idea or follow the hashtag to see how other educators apply the concept in their classrooms.

Debby MacGowan

Debby MacGowan is a first grade teacher in Rochester, New York. In the classroom, she focuses on developing student-centered lesson plans with high engagement levels. She shares a lot of inspirational quotes and messages on Twitter to motivate teachers to better connect with their pupils.

Vicki Davis

Host of the “10-Minute Teacher” podcast and a Mashable “Top Teacher on Twitter,” Vicki Davis tweets about her latest posts and other important and interesting stories across the web. You can follow the Georgia-based teacher to get updates on her Cool Cat Teacher blog, which has podcasts, trends, and educator-specific content.

Jane Masters

Jane Masters is the blogger behind Pedagoggles and is a biology and psychology teacher in Cheshire, UK. Followers can be flies on the wall of her classroom and see various graphics and insights related to teaching. Follow her blog for advice on using QR codes in course materials and teaching kids to spot bad science.

Lisa Boate

Lisa Boate is an innovation resource teacher from Barrie, Ontario in Canada, who promotes multicultural learning. She wants all students to see themselves represented in the learning materials and classroom environment. She is also a math fan and loves sharing small updates that brighten her day and lighten your Twitter feed.

Mrs. Hallahan

Mrs. Hallahan is an English teacher in Essex, England. She is a supporter and promoter of other people’s content, which means her account is carefully curated with the latest information related to teaching. Every once in a while she will share posts related to her other hobbies or interesting images from around the web.

Sammy Rebandt

Elementary school teacher Sammy Rebandt from Michigan has several awards and certifications on display on her class website. You can see how she goes above and beyond to create an inviting learning experience for her students. She is an advocate of makerspaces and loves showing off what her school and classroom are doing.

Susan Strachan

Susan Strachan teaches in South West, England and writes about education on her blog. She focuses on what she really loves about each part of the English classes she teaches. This allows you to reflect on why teachers use certain methods and why the topics are important. The blog is refreshing and helps readers approach old topics with new eyes.

Ashley Zatt

Ashley Zatt is the blogger behind TeachNC and teaches third grade in North Carolina. She shares when she is learning as she goes, making mistakes in the classroom, or having a hard time covering a concept in an interesting way. Join her on her teaching journey so you can learn together.

Lia Gyore

Based in Southern California, Lia Gyore is a technology enthusiast and kindergarten teacher. She has a blog that she updates on occasion, sharing thoughts with other teachers about the education process. She is an active participant in #LeadLAP chats (Lead Like a Pirate) for educators looking to make a difference and inspire their students.

Debra Kidd

Dr. Debra Kidd is the founder of Love Learning and author of “Teaching: Notes from the Frontline.” Based in the UK, she also works to develop curricula and can be found speaking at various conferences. Kidd’s mantra is “make it matter” and ties every piece of knowledge back to why someone would want to know the answer, creating context within her lessons.

Jane Culver

Jane Culver is a first grade teacher in Dodge City, Kansas. She was her district’s teacher of the year nominee for 2018 and is an activist who uses her platform to improve childhood education. Start a conversation with her and see how she makes a difference in her classroom, school, and city.

Brittany Ballou

Based in Chesterfield, Virginia, Brittany Ballou is a STEAM teacher for elementary grades kindergarten through fifth. She regularly talks about the benefits of coding and shares activities that bring coding to the classroom—especially for educators without a lot of resources. If you like Ozobot then you will love her feed.

Dawn Boyer

Dawn Boyer is a math coach and middle school STEAM educator in New Jersey. She leads the yearbook and STEM (robotics) club in her school. She is a great source for book recommendations related to STEAM and education. She shares what she is reading frequently or you can ask her advice for books on a particular subject.

Melissa Toohey

Melissa Toohey is not only an EdTech & Adoption Specialist and Curriculum Developer for Ozobot, she’s an Ed.D. candidate at UCLA whose research is focused on closing gender and race gaps in STEM!

Michelle Clarke

Michelle Clarke is a 2017 GMSA Educator of the Year Finalist and teaches in Coweta County, Georgia. She is a fan of the #MathRocks hashtag and keeps finding new ways to help students apply what they learn in the classroom to other parts of their lives. Follow her for photos, stories, and the occasional Florida Gators post.

Stacie Rego

Based in Orange County, California, Stacie Rego shares light-hearted stories from the classroom. She tweets funny things that her students say and celebrates small victories in school and in life. Her feed is light and relatable to any educator.

Maya Garcia

Maya Garcia is a Washington, D.C. STEAM educator and director. She understands that public schools in the nation’s capital influence those in the rest of the country and wants to create classrooms that teachers in other states and districts can follow.

Alyson Beecher

Alyson Beecher is the creator of Kid Lit Frenzy, which recommends age-appropriate books for educators and parents. From Los Angeles, Beecher is also an educator and the Bridge to Books cofounder. Follow her on Twitter for the best book recommendations for your classroom.

Pernille Ripp

Pernille Ripp is a seventh grade teacher based in Madison, Wisconsin. She created The Global Read Aloud program, in which kids across the world connect through reading, and is author of “Passionate Readers: The Art of Reaching and Engaging Every Child.” She works to empower teachers so they can better educate and inspire their students.

Rachelle Dene Poth

Rachelle Dene Poth uses the term #Edugladiator in her profile, and it matches her perfectly. The technology teacher is also an author and attorney who fights for the best education and opportunities for students. Based in Pittsburgh, Poth is a consultant at education consultancy Pushing Boundaries.

Kasey Bell

Kasey Bell is the author, creator and brand behind Shake Up Learning. She challenges her followers to think of the learning and education process differently. By reconsidering existing perceptions, teachers can create more effective learning environments so their lessons stick.

Samantha Smith

Educator and coach Samantha Smith in Pennsylvania is a leader in all things EdTech. The Google for Education certified trainer strives to improve how coding is taught in the classroom and looks for ways to involve her fellow educators to become even better at teaching so their students learn more.

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