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11 Exciting Lessons for Every Letter in STEAM-tember

September, shmeptember. Around here we like to call it… STEAMtember! Feel free to laugh, because we think we’re punny. More importantly though, we are excited to keep the new school year rolling with a bunch of encouragement for STEAM learning through creative coding!

Check out the free K–12 lessons for our beloved STEAM subjects below… and more! With each lesson, we’ve outlined recommended grades, which of our two ways to code students will use (Color Codes or OzoBlockly visual programming), whether the lesson requires Evo or if Bit and Evo both work, plus a brief description. Click a lesson title to find more information plus classroom handouts in our Lesson Library.

S (Science):

Space Exploration Ozobot Game

Grades 3–9

This lesson calls out Bit specifically, but Evo would also work in this NASA-inspired lesson! Students will design a game board with events in the history of exploration of space, create game rules, and then program their bot to travel the timeline in chronological order.

T (Technology):

Drive to School with Ozobot
Color Codes
Grades K–12

Both Evo and Bit can participate in learning to drive to school! A great introduction to the technology within Ozobots and the concepts of programming, students will use Color Codes to direct the bots to solve the maze and find the route from home to school.

E (Engineering):

Ozobot Obstacle Course

Color Codes
Grades 3–12

In this lesson, use Evo or Bit to engineer, construct, then solve an obstacle course. Afterwards, celebrate the success of beating the challenge! Extensions to dive deeper are also provided.

A (Art):

Evo Bright Art

Grades 7–12

Solely for Evo because of the multiple bright LEDs, students can create art similar to what we used to make with Lite-Brite! Evo light, Evo bright, first Evo I see tonight… students use a canvas to draw out their inspiration and then code it using OzoBlockly. One time-exposure photo later as Evo runs through the program in a dark room, and voila! An EvoBright masterpiece.

M (Math):

100 Centimeter Ozo-Dash
Grades K–12

For use with Bit or Evo, students will design a race track that measures at least 100 centimeters. With instructions included for both beginners (grades K through 5) and more advanced rules (for 6 through 12th), snap on a racer skin and get coding!

t (technology again):

Evo’s Force Field
Grades 6–12

Deep dive into all the technology packed into pocket-sized Evo with this lesson! Explore how Evo’s proximity sensors, programmable LEDs, sounds, and color sensors all work together to make creative coding possible.

e (engineering again):

The Snow Plow, or OzoPlow!
Grades 5–8

In some states, snow season is right around the corner, so students can use Bit or Evo to get prepared now with this lesson. You could also re-theme this as the OzoRake with leaves for fall, or OzoPlow as in harvesting crops after the summer growing season!

m (math again):

Geometry Task Cards II
Colors Codes
Grades 6–12

Last year we featured Geometry Task Cards, so this year we bring you GTC2! Students will create paths for either Bit or Evo to follow that incorporate geometry vocabulary and skills.

b (both bots!):

Allow us a little creative freedom here, but we think you’ll agree it’s not too far of a stretch to include a computer science- and art-focused lesson that works wonders for using both Bit and Evo!

Write Your Name with OzoCodes
Color Codes
Grades K–2

Great for the early months of the school year (and reminding students to always write their name at the top of their paper), comes a lesson that makes programming personal! First students will draft their name with lines that Ozobots can see, then use Evo or Bit to trace the letters from beginning to end, left to right.

e (engineering for the last time):

Construction Set OzoBlockly Programming Challenge
Grades 6–9

Brought to you by Featured Educator, Richard Born, this lesson has students finding the most “elegant” code solution to tell Bit to move radioactive waste and brick blocks to their respective drop off zones. Here, elegant means creatively engineering functions to avoid repetitive code.

r (‘rithmetic):

For the letter “r”, we’re throwing it back to our Three Rs: Reading, ‘Rithmetic, and Robots, with a final math lesson!

Ozobot Quadratics Project
Color Codes
Grades 9–12

Math graphing made fancy with codes! For use with Evo or Bit, students will create a poster chart paper of a quadratic equation and use Ozobot to identify the key features including solutions, axis of symmetry, points of reflection, and vertex. This lesson aligns with Math academic standards.

Please share your Ozobot lessons and creations with us on social media. Just tag us @Ozobot and use #OzoSquad, and check out the Lesson Library for more fun activities and coding challenges for everyone.  We’re excited to learn what other subjects Evo and Bit explore in STEAM-tember!

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