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3 Activities to Help Students Say Goodbye to Summer

For many, it probably seems that the entire summer was spent thinking about the uncertainties that come along with returning to school during a global pandemic. Even here at Ozobot, we’ve been preparing for our 1:1 Robotics Program for back-to-school so teachers can have ready-to-run lessons to engage students in core subjects at school, at home, or a mixture of both! Yet, even we are having a hard time believing back-to-school is already upon us! We want to hold onto summer just a little bit longer.

As an educator, you can use these lessons when you’re back with your students to ease the back-to-school transition. As a parent, give these activities to your child to help them savor these remaining summer days!

Stargazing with Ozobot

Grades PK-7 | Color Codes | Evo or Bit
PDF for Parents
Full Lesson Plan for Educators

Get hands-on with the night sky in this constellation activity! Have students research constellations that are visible right now, then choose one to recreate with Ozobot and Color Codes, then try to find the constellation in the sky.

Catching Fireflies

Grades 2-10 | OzoBlockly | Evo or Bit
PDF for Parents
Full Lesson Plan for Educators

Is there anything that says summer more than a warm light with fireflies lighting up at dusk? In this activity, students will dress their bot up in a firefly catcher and use OzoBlockly to program their bot to travel through the woods, catching fireflies, then placing them in a jar. 

If you have a younger student who doesn’t have much coding experience, they may require some assistance creating and running their OzoBlockly program. We recommend using the Beginner Skill Level. Nothing like a little bonding while catching fireflies!

Good Health and Well Being: Arcade Game

Grades 2-6 | Color Codes | Evo or Bit
PDF for Parents
Full Lesson Plan for Educators

Between a quick, unexpected switch to online learning and a summer that looked like nothing we’ve seen for generations, kids need our support more than ever. Help them process these changes with this Social Emotional Learning-focused “arcade game.” As a parent or educator, you’ll brainstorm ways to keep one’s body and mind healthy. Students will then use Color Codes to create their own arcade game where Ozobot travels to 5 different health levels. Will Ozobot be a healthy champion or will it be game over? 

Want all of your students to be able to use Ozobots, whether they will be learning remotely or you’d like them to keep a safe distance from their peers? Check out our new Hybrid 1:1 Program for an easy solution for teachers to engage students in core subjects without sacrificing STEAM learning!

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