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3 Fun STEAM Lessons to Celebrate the Winter Games

Are your students ready to compete in a STEAM classroom version of the Winter Games? 

We’ve put together a list of our favorite winter sport activities and lessons to help get your students excited about the Winter Games and also engage them in hands-on STEAM challenges with Evo. Using Color Codes and Ozobot Blockly, students can learn about a variety of sporting events while developing computer science, critical thinking and engineering skills as they create, collaborate and execute their creations. 

These festive activities are sure to be a classroom favorite!

Winter Games: Ozobot Edition 

Grades: 4-12 

Coding Methods: Color Codes, Ozobot Blockly 

If you’re searching for a complete Winter Games experience, this lesson is for you. Packed with challenges and activities to engage students for days, this multi-lesson series includes several sporting events and activities ranging from the opening and closing ceremonies to curling, alpine skiing, figure skating, bobsledding and more! Ideal for grades 4 and up, these lessons are the perfect way to connect the Olympic events to your classroom through STEAM.

Curling Challenge 

Grades: K-12

Coding Method: Ozobot Blockly

Curling meets CS. Curling is an Olympic game where two teams take turns sliding granite stones toward a target. In this STEM challenge, students will construct an attachment for Evo and build a program in Ozobot Blockly to move the curling stones toward the goal to get points. Through trial and error, students will persist in iterating their programs until they get their curling stones to the target. They can also compete with other students to see how many points they can score in a certain amount of time. 

Slalom Snow Skiing Game

Grades: K-12

Coding Method: Ozobot Blockly 

For a quick, yet engaging, winter game activity, the Slalom Snow Skiing Game is perfect to add to your CS lesson plans. Slalom snow skiing is the shortest form of alpine skiing and involves competitors skiing between sets of poles – known as gates – that are spaced apart at a certain distance.  In this lesson, students will build programs in Ozobot Blockly to guide Evo down a slalom snow ski course in order to reach the finish line in the shortest amount of time. This activity will demonstrate how hardware (Evo’s proximity sensors) and software (Ozobot Blockly) work together as a system to complete a task. 

Find more lessons and inspiration for your classroom today in Ozobot Classroom!

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