Our Favorite OzoThings Shared In June

Hello, summer! We sure have missed you! This month marks the end of the school year and the beginning of our favorite season. It is pretty bittersweet for most educators, as they say goodbye to students they’ve come to care for, but also get to embark on a much-needed break from teaching young minds.

June is a time for students to start having some good, old fashioned fun! Many families get involved in extracurricular activities, go to amusement parks, and take vacations. We’ve seen some cool OzoThings shared with us this month involving these themes that we’d love to share with all of you!

Let’s Play Ball!

Baseball has been deemed America’s favorite pastime, so we love this activity shared by @piggy_withchildren on Instagram! Bit can be seen with a homemade baseball bat attached to it. Using a Spin Color Code, Bit hits the ball (made out of a rolled up piece of paper!). This would be such a fun activity to expand on and maybe create an entire game with!

Roller Coader (Whoops, Coaster!)

Adam King (@theworkpad on Twitter and Instagram) never disappoints with the lessons and activities that he shares with us. Our June Educator of the Month, Drew Arena, was featured on the OzoBlog for his roller coaster projects. So, we loved seeing another educator share their version of the roller coaster creation as well! The drawbridge in Adam’s design was a super cool touch that we loved!

Walk the Runway

Did you know that Bit is a model? National Outfit of the Day fell on June 30th, so this video was a perfect tie-in to that! Bit can be seen wearing colorful, creative costumes such as Pikachu, Ariel, a flower, and more! We love seeing Bit strutting its stuff on the curved runway and stopping to show off its Color Code skills along the way! Thank you for sharing, Cindy!

Ending The School Year Right

Miss Taylor’s first grade class ended the school year with coding lessons from and Color Coding with Ozobots! What a great way to keep the students engaged and eager to learn, even when school is about to let out for the summer! 

Code Your Way To Summer Break

Students in the Montcrest Makerspace Color Coded Bit to get to summer break, gathering supplies it will need along the way. We love Bit’s victory dance once it gets to its destination, which we are assuming is somewhere warm! 

Do you have some creative Ozo-content you want to share with us? Go ahead and tag us @ozobot and #ozosquad for a chance to be featured in the next social recap, coming up at the end of July!

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