An award-winning robotic platform that makes it easy to bring STEAM learning into your classroom.

  • Teach coding & STEAM with all subjects (math, ELA, & more)
  • Increase engagement anywhere

School & District Administrators:

All Grades & Subjects

Coding With & Without Screens

Teacher Training

Simple Implementation

Desk-Friendly Size

25+ EdTech Awards


Transparent Pricing

How It Works:

2 Ways to Code—easy for all teachers & engaging for all learners

  1. Screen-Free with Color Codes
    For K+ and tech-timid teachers
    Learn More
  2. On Screens with Ozobot Blockly
    Visual programming for K-12
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For teacher training in 2 Ways to Code

Planning Resources

Pacing Guides

Pacing Guides make it easy to plan Ozobot lessons. All Ozobot lessons are standards-aligned (CSTA, NGSS, CCSS Math/ELA), offering content-integrated activities that bring math, ELA, and STEAM to life in a whole new way.

Standards-Alignment Support

Bring computer science and STEAM to the classroom confidently with Ozobot content! Our standards-alignment support enables lesson search by standard and includes CSTA, NGSS, ISTE and TEKS.


Lessons & Curriculum

CCSS math/ELA, NGSS Science, CSTA, ISTE, and more

Teachers use Ozobot Classroom to explore and assign lessons that integrate coding and STEAM into all subjects.

K-2 | Math

Non-Standard Measurement with OzoLoops

1-5 | Science

Modeling Animal Habits and Habitats

4-8 | ELA

Random Story Generator

7-12 | Computer Science

Robotic Warehouse Simulation


Integrating CS, math, ELA, and more into hands-on STEAM projects engages more students and boosts top job skills* like creativity and critical thinking. By giving all students access to the tools to create technology, we prepare them even for the jobs that don’t exist yet.

*Source: World Economic Forum

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