Ari programmable coding robot cobot with touchscreen for STEAM learning

Meet Ari: Ozobot’s Groundbreaking Android-Powered Programmable Cobot

We’re beyond excited to introduce Ari, our newest programmable cobot designed to transform STEAM education! Building on the success of our beloved Evo coding robot, Ari is here to take your classroom to the next level with cutting-edge technology and innovative features.

Why Ari Stands Out

Ari isn’t just any programmable cobot; it’s powered by Android and features an interactive high-resolution touchscreen with a customizable app platform. This next-generation programmable cobot is set to revolutionize how STEM, computer science, and core curriculum subjects are taught and learned.

What Makes Ari Special?

Ari is packed with features that make it a standout learning tool for students of all skill levels. Here’s what you can expect:

Ari programmable cobot with interactive touchscreen powered by Android
  • High-Resolution Interactive LCD Touchscreen: Ari’s screen displays vivid text, images, and animations, making learning interactive and fun. Students can engage directly with lesson content and get instant feedback.
  • Enhanced Software: Utilizing the power of Android, Ari delivers enriched and customizable learning experiences. It’s designed to grow with your students, offering more advanced features as they progress.
  • Integrated Apps for All Subjects: Ari comes with a range of apps that tailor lesson content to different learning levels. This means instant support and scaffolding to help every student succeed.
  • Time of Flight Sensor: This feature lets students measure their surroundings, perfect for hands-on learning in engineering and other STEM subjects.
  • Gyroscope and Accelerometer: Ari provides real-time data on movement, helping students understand complex concepts like velocity and acceleration through practical examples.
  • AI Integration Capabilities: Ari’s AI capabilities offer personalized learning experiences, making each student’s journey unique and engaging.

A Word from Our CEO

“Ari offers educators a powerful learning tool that engages students in coding and core content through hands-on, interactive technology unlike anything they’ve ever experienced in the classroom,” says Andy Fathollahi, Chief Executive Officer of Ozobot. “The launch of Ari marks a transformative moment in STEAM education and a leap forward in educational robotics. We can’t wait for teachers and students to unlock an entirely new world of learning and creativity.”

Immersive Lessons & Standards-Aligned Content

Ari users can experience a whole ecosystem of engaging apps and activities. Educators can access ready-to-run, standards-aligned lesson content across STEM, computer science, and core subjects. Students can program Ari using Ozobot Color Codes, Ozobot Blockly, and Python, with more programming languages to be added in 2025. Plus, Ari is Wi-Fi enabled and connects exclusively to Ozobot servers, ensuring a safe and secure learning environment.

Pricing and Availability

The Ozobot Ari Entry Kit (single cobot) is priced at $225. Ozobot Ari Classroom Kits are available for $2600 (12 cobots) and $3990 (18 cobots). You can preorder Ari today at Shipping in the United States will begin in Q3 2024, with global distribution to follow in the coming months.

Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to experience the future of STEAM education with Ari!

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