10 CAS Aligned Science Lessons in Ozobot Classroom

Top 10 Colorado Academic Standards (CAS) Aligned Science Lessons in Ozobot Classroom

From the majestic Rocky Mountains to the vibrant culture of Denver, Colorado is a state that has it all — including a top-notch education system with rigorous academic standards for grades K-12. These state standards are called the Colorado Academic Standards (CAS) and Ozobot offers free CAS-aligned lessons for educators seeking fun and engaging STEAM activities.  

The CAS for science is based on the National Research Council’s “A Framework for K-12 Science Education” and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), which were developed by a consortium of 26 states. The NGSS set a new bar for science education in the United States, emphasizing real-world problem-solving and hands-on, experiential learning.

Whether you are a Coloradan educator looking for new ideas for your science lessons or a parent interested in supporting your child’s science education, this blog post will provide valuable CAS-aligned lessons and activities for learning in the classroom and at home.

Check out 10 of our favorite CAS-aligned science lessons that are free in Ozobot Classroom below:

Solar Eclipse

Grades: 1-2, 6-8 

Using Ozobot Blockly, students will observe the shadow of the Moon on the Earth using the OzoGoes to the Sun, Earth & Moon STEAM Kit.

Patterns in Motion

Grades: 1-3

In this popular science lesson, students will look at different patterns to predict the motion of their bot and will program them to show the patterns in motion. Then, students will create real-world simulations of patterns in motion using line following and Color Codes

Pollination Garden

Grades: 2

In this CAS-aligned lesson, students will develop an interactive model of a flower garden to demonstrate how animals help with pollination. Then students will collect data about the flowers pollinated using Color Codes.

What’s the Object?

Grades: 2

Using line following and Color Codes,  students will program their bot to choose an object randomly. Then, students will create a 2D model of the object by putting paper shapes together.

Sundial with Sunshine

Grades: 1-3

Created for use with the OzoGoes Around a Sundial STEAM Kit, in this activity, students will use the Sun and their sundial to approximate time.  

Life Cycles with Ozobot

Grades: 3 

Bots and biology! In this science lesson, students will create interactive diagrams showing two organisms’ life cycles. Students will then compare and contrast the two different life cycles.

Changes in Matter Match-Up

Grades: 3

In this activity, students will use context clues to identify various examples of matter that change by heating and cooling. Then, students will draw pictures and program their bot to demonstrate how some changes can be reversed and some cannot.

Energy Road Trip

Grades: 4

Time to take a  ‘code trip!’ Students will use line following and Color Codes to program their bot to mimic a car to demonstrate potential energy and changes in kinetic energy.

Energy Food Chain

Grades: 4

Students will create a model of a food chain and program their bot to demonstrate how energy moves through the food chain.

A Year in Constellations

Grades: 5

In this star-studded science lesson, students will draw a constellation model by plotting the stars’ points. Then they will connect the stars with markers and incorporate at least three Color Codes in their constellation drawing for their bot to follow. 

Ready to start using the lessons above? Sign up for your free Ozobot Classroom account and get started today! 

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