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We launched our Creator of the Month series because we believe tech skills alone don’t spur big ideas—creative visions do. We also want to celebrate and reward our community of creators, who like, share, and make Ozobot projects at an amazing rate. Kids, grown-ups, and even entire classrooms are eligible to be selected as the Creator of the Month. If you want to be our next Creator, just follow these steps:

Creator of the Month: June

Need more inspiration? Check out some of our favorite Creators below!

Ms. Ligouri’s Murder Mystery Stories

Our March Creator, Gina Ligouri, has been hard at work inspiring the next generation of writers. This teacher and her students live and breathe STEAM, and the results are so good they’re scary. Their Murder Mystery project combined Ozobot Color Codes with creative and technical writing.

Jahcier, Aiden, and Jalen’s Christmas Monster

Last winter, three classmates from South Avenue Elementary School in Beacon, New York made an epic video starring Evo, Bit, and a Christmas monster—a baddie who would make even the likes of the Grinch and Scrooge shake in their snow boots.

Third Graders Bring Back the Oregon Trail

The computer science classic is making a comeback in Mrs. Monica Vides’ third grade classroom. Together with co-teacher Cindy Gonzalez, our April Creator designed an Oregon Trail assignment for her students that combines history, high tech, and a bit of arts and crafts.

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