3 Ozobot Lessons to Advocate for Equity And Inclusion in STEAM

More and more educators are striving for equity and inclusion in their classrooms and in subjects they teach. According to the Ford Foundation, equity seeks to ensure fair treatment, equality of opportunity, and fairness in access to information and resources for all. Inclusion builds a culture of belonging by actively inviting the contribution and participation of all people.

We recognize the importance of teaching students these principles, including assurring inclusion in access to STEAM. Check out these Ozobot lessons that promote equity in the classroom!

Immigration With Ozobot

Grades: 2

Color Codes

Many students in the US aren’t familiar with the unique experience and challenges of people who have gone through immigration. In this lesson, Ozobot models the immigration experience by following a line from the ocean to the main parts of the immigration process. At each main part, there is a customized QR code that students scan with a tablet. The QR links to a matching summary of the spot Ozobot is. For example, when Ozobot gets to the medical room, the QR code links to scholastic’s Medical Exam summary. Students are then asked to read through the summary and answer questions in a web quest packet. To add to this lesson, try having students also report about how each process of immigration might make someone in that situation feel.

Bucket Filler Activity

Grades: K-4

Color Codes or OzoBlockly

In this cooperative game, students will write down positive and negative behaviors and work together to 1) identify whether each behavior makes them a “bucket filler” or “bucket dipper”, and 2) Code Evo to bring that behavior to the corresponding bucket (with OzoBlockly or Color Codes). 

This lesson is based off of Social Emotional Learning, which teaches students different ways to be kind to one another, regardless of differences. 

Evo The Troll

Grades: 5-8


Part of learning Computer Science for kids is finding out how to behave on the Internet. This lesson lets you explore what Internet trolls are, and why their behavior is bad and should be discouraged. Reinforce the helpful behavior students should have by programming Evo to be a helpful troll that protects students and/or their items.

With the rise of cyber bullying, this lesson encourages students to practice positive online behaviors toward each other. 

Do you have an Ozobot lesson you want to share with other educators? We’d love for you to submit it to our lesson library! Just one approved lesson gets you a FREE Ozobot T-Shirt! Learn more at ozo.bot/lesson-creator.

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