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4 Ozobot Activities to Hack Your Halloween

It’s that time of year again! Time to haunt your house, prepare costumes, and terrify your students (kidding about that last one). October has arrived, and Halloween is on everyone’s mind. 

How will you bring the excitement of all things frightful to your classroom this year? We have summoned some ghostly activities from our lesson library to inspire you to hack the holiday! 

Ozobot Trick-or-Treat Activity

Color Codes
Grades: K-12

An oldie but a goodie! Using the 30-second timer Color Code, students will be challenged to strategize the best route around the neighborhood map to collect as much candy as they can. They will use speed and direction Color Codes to send their Evo or Bit around the neighborhood. 

Random Spooky Story Generator

Grades: 4-8

In this computer-science-lesson-disguised-as-Halloween-fun activity, your Ozobot will spookily pick out the words it wants you to use in a story. There are so many fun possibilities with this lesson that teaches how random numbers are important for security. What might not be secure though, is your Evo or Bit! They can get a little spooked, so be sure to let your bot know that the stories are all make-believe! 

Jack-O-Lantern Decorating Activity

OzoBlockly & Color Codes
Grades: 1-12

This lesson was originally designed by one of our Certified Educators as an Easter egg decorating activity, but it can easily be adapted to “carving” a jack-o-lantern! Students can either use OzoBlockly and a 3D printed device (template included!) or decorate a pumpkin using markers. For both activities, creativity is encouraged in decoration as much as using codes for a desired decorative effect. 

You can download and print a blank pumpkin template, here

Ozobot Fashion Runway

Grades: K-12

This is another activity that was not originally intended for Halloween purposes; however, it can be a great opportunity to showcase Halloween costumes for a costume contest for Evo or Bit! Have your students create a Halloween costume for their bot and then rock the runway for a costume fashion show! You could even have your students vote on which costume they like the best. Don’t forget to enter our 2019 Costume Contest!

Coding doesn’t have to be scary! Incorporate these fun, festive lessons into your classroom for a Halloween your students will always remember!

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