6 Ozobot Lessons To Celebrate This Holiday Season

Now that Thanksgiving is over, you know what that means. Holiday festivities are in full effect! We love this time of year and the creative lessons that correspond with December’s major holidays! Celebrate with Ozobot this year using these six festive holiday lessons/activities! 

Winter Traditions Parade

The Winter season is special all around the world, and each part of the world has their own special traditions. People celebrate with lights, harvests and presents from Asia to Africa to the Americas. To help students discover more about other cultural traditions and values, and always with an eye on collaboration, Ozobot presents this fun and festive Winter Holiday Parade activity.

This activity will take two hour-long class sessions for the research, design, and parade itself. 

Menorah Lighting Activity 

We love this Color Code Menorah Lighting activity created and shared by Nancy Penchev! This activity is fun, simple, and festive to celebrate Hanukkah. Students will draw a menorah using markers and fill in u-turn color codes so that Bit or Evo will light up each “candle.”

Reinbot Landing Practice

This activity is always so much fun to do! Students will need to observe the distance their bot travels in 30 seconds and figure out the best place from which to launch their bot to most accurately land on the rooftop. They will compete to see who will be able to most accurately and safely guide their Reinbot onto the rooftop.

Decorate the Unity Cup with Ozobot

If you follow our monthly Ozobot lesson blog posts, you probably remember this Easter Egg Decorating Activity being adapted into a Jack-O-Lantern decorating activity back in October. Well, this activity, created by Ozobot Certified Educator, Hanka Sandova, is so easily adaptable to other holidays, we knew we had to make it into a Kwanzaa activity! Using this template for the Kikombe Cha Umoja (Unity Cup), students can follow the same directions as listed in the Easter Egg activity to decorate their cup! This is a great addition to a lesson about Kwanzaa! 

House Lighting Activity

It’s time to put up those bright holiday lights! Whether you take them down the day after Christmas, or leave them up all year-round is up to you.. we don’t judge! In this activity, each student will be given a handout, which contains an outline of a house with designated, colored intersections for where Ozobot should light up the house. Students will program their Ozobot to follow a path around the house and to perform a light animation for each intersection based on what color it is. Older students can create their own, original light animations for each intersection color.

OzoDreidel Activity

Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel, I made you out of… Ozobot? That’s right! The most fun game of the holiday season can now be played with your Evo! We hope you enjoy this BRAND NEW OzoBlockly Ozobot lesson to celebrate Hanukkah!

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