#BuiltWithOzoBlockly: Evo’s Fashion Runway

Evo’s gearing up for the National Week of Making, June 11 through 17! This year, the week-long event is all about celebrating the diversity of makers big and small, creative do-ers who combine STEM skills with art and design. What better way to do that than with a robot fashion runway?

You’ll need:

  • 1 Evo robot (Bit owners, find steps just for you at the bottom of this post)
  • A smartphone or tablet with the Evo app
  • Supplies to decorate your Evo: stickers, construction paper, pipe cleaners, tape, rhinestones, feathers, etc (or use an Evo DIY Pack)

Time for some haute code-ture! First, decorate your Evo. We used a stick-on rhinestone and also adorned our Evo with a peacock feather. If you’re going to be gluing anything onto Evo, we recommend using a DIY skin. Gotta keep your robot’s shell pristine.

Once Evo’s all decked out, it’s time to help the bot strut its stuff. For this step, you’ll use an OzoBlockly program called Fashion Runway. Follow these steps to get the Fashion Runway program loaded to your Evo:

From the Evo app (smartphone or tablet):

  1. Go to Play, then OzoBlockly.
  2. Tap Fashion Runway.

In the OzoBlockly editor (computer or tablet):

  1. Make sure you have Evo selected in the left sidebar.  
  2. In the right sidebar, go to Profile.  
  3. Log in to your Evo account (same username and password you use in the Evo app).
  4. Select Fashion Runway, then Open. The Fashion Runway program will appear in your OzoBlockly workspace.
  5. At the bottom of the left sidebar, select the lightning bolt.  
  6. Follow the directions on screen to calibrate and load your Evo.

Next step: hack! Change up Evo’s runway routine in the OzoBlockly editor. You can pull blocks from different OzoBlockly levels to make Evo move faster or make more sounds. Use code to make Evo channel Karlie Kloss, the supermodel who says that code “just like art and fashion…is about creativity, and…women who have these skills have the power to shape our future.” Or, program Evo to zig zag up and down the runway, inspired by designer Issey Miyake’s famous pleats and high tech textiles.

If there’s anything fashion can teach us, it’s that ideas can bounce around the globe and inspiration can come from anywhere. When we created Fashion Runway, we were inspired by a bunch of third grade makers at the Marymount School of New York.

Along with STEAM Teacher Lesa Wang, four different groups collaborated to bring the project to life. One group created costumes for their Ozobots while another built the runway and stage. A third group programmed the bots to strut with Color Codes, our second, screen-free way to code. Finally, a fourth group made a video to document the entire, fabulous process.

Just last month, some Ozobot fans at Ogilvie High School also made a color coded fashion runway. Lucky for us, they put it all on YouTube for the world to see, complete with an especially tiny top hat.

Whether you celebrate National Week of Making with OzoBlockly or Color Codes, be sure to share your creations using @ozobot and #hackcreativity. Evo can’t wait to see what you make!


Bit’s Fashion Runway

Want to create a robot fashion runway with the original Ozobot? Follow these steps:

  1. Decorate your bot.
  2. Open the OzoBlockly editor on a computer or tablet.
  3. Make sure you have Bit selected in the left sidebar.  
  4. In the right sidebar, go to Examples . Scroll to the bottom, and open the Example titled Fashion Runway.
  5. Delete any purple sound blocks (because only Evo has a built-in speaker). Then, select the Flash Loading icon and follow the directions on-screen to load the Fashion Runway program to Bit.

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